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West Covina is a city in its own right but it is tightly tied to Los Angeles – much more than other prominent urban hubs in the region. Judging by the number of primary malls in this enclave it could easily be labeled as the “shopping capital of LA and California”. With a population of over 100,000 culturally diverse residents, the real estate landscape has become equally differentiated breaking down into an impressive combination that includes industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential properties, spreading into all aspects of the West Covina lifestyle. The one big issue, not pertinent only to this part of the state, is that the 2008 recession wreaked havoc on real estate values – carrying many credit-broken investors in its wake. This left a trail of poor FICO scores that cut residents off from acquiring properties in the new prosperity wave sweeping through California; so much so, that first and second lien loans from mortgage companies became an elusive commodity to this group.

PB Financial Group, a hard money lender already very active in Los Angeles and many other cities, has aligned itself with West Covina residents in no uncertain terms. We entered with a highly trained and prepared team of professional lending agents armed with an array of loan options. Top of the menu are private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans that can adjust to almost any structure. This is just as well, based on the fact that investors enter our doors not only as individuals or foreign nationals but also attached to partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, and estates. Moreover, once we get our teeth into any property acquisition we move with a pace and smoothness that leaves the competition far behind.

The very first item on our agenda is to uncover the equity in every asset – bringing it to the forefront. This opens the doors to whittling the interest rates down until it makes ultimate sense to both lender and borrower, in addition to loan terms that remove all anxiety. Of course, our policy of transparency helps things along enormously – ejecting any snags hidden by the small print from the beginning. This, alongside the fact that all clients – $50,000 borrowers all the way through to $2 million applicants – receive the same VIP PB attention, thereby creating a lasting impression.

Our work doesn’t end there. It happens that properties sometimes contain little equity or indeed the clients (usually businesses) only want to refinance an existing loan. That’s when our true colors show. We are experts at cross-collateralization methods that get wonderful results even in the most marginal situations. As far as refinancing goes in inflationary situations, we can get things done without any cash out limits.

West Covina has welcomed PB Financial Group with open arms, especially as its residents come to realize the hard money lending benefits available to them. The fact that we present these within a cloak of reliability, accuracy, and speed has accelerated our acceptance as the go-to lender in the most difficult situations.

For more information or inquiries about getting a private money loan, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.