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Hard Money Lenders – Fremont, Ca

A Professional Hard Money Lender and Fremont Residents - Even Those with Discouraging FICO Scores - are Getting Together to Apply for Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Loans

Fremont, a city close to Silicon Valley, has made a huge impression on California’s industrial development. Consider this: Fremont boasts of more technology startups per 100 residents than anywhere else in the USA – a metric that translates into over 50 million square feet of office, industrial and research & development space. The city also claims to actively harness its resources to initiating and growing startup businesses. Despite all this upbeat energy there are still many Fremont residents who, until now, have been blocked from participating in its real estate prosperity. Past credit missteps and sub-par FICO scores emerge as the biggest culprits preventing entry to Fremont property opportunities.

PB Financial Group Corp has strategically included Fremont in its coverage to turn the tide for its stressed residents. As a hard money lender with a stellar Californian reputation, we can offer first and second lien loans for industrial, commercial, mixed use or residential property markets, including clients with credit history issues. We bring with us a crack team, professionally trained and ready to present a proven approach -one that gets bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans closed speedily and without fuss. We don’t let past credit failures or a bumpy credit look back get in our way.

Clients spread the word that PB Financial Group Corp is the company of choice for any loan size ranging from $50,000 right up to $2 million. We can arrange funding for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals, without obsessing on credit obstacles. Our formula is direct, and our methodology gets results. That’s because we go straight to the root of any potentially good loan qualification: finding equity value in the property. As soon as we know there is that, we build an arrangement that yields the lowest possible interest rates and the best terms around loan redemption. The process moves quickly because it’s always an open book, which means it exposes the small print of the contract from the very start. The net result is no shocks and no surprises to upset the apple cart or the client. If by chance the equity value is just too low, we have a cross-collateralization option that works wonders in obtaining sufficient financing at competitive rates.

No discussion on hard money lending can be completed without mentioning refinancing business loans with no cash out limit. We are actively involved in growing this loan arena – the finest response to rising interest rates in an inflationary economy.

The presence of PB Financial Group Corp in Fremont has elicited strong client testimonials praising our transparency; our ability to keep the process moving quickly, and the fact that our rates and terms are the best obtainable for any and every category of loan. The consensus is, all in all, we are way ahead of most of our competitors.

So Fremont with its close connection to Silicon Valley is growing fast and furiously, and this should be evident for as long as the boom continues. The city’s residents can now access the excellent resources of a professional private money lender to guide them into the property markets. They will find there is no shortage of attention, irrespective of the loan application size, and PB’s skills of negotiation always bring lender and borrower together to get mutually optimal results.

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