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Refinance rental property

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If you’re looking to maximize your returns as a real estate investor, you need to keep evaluating your properties regularly. This involves looking at the market, their condition, and the mortgage loan you have on the property. These factors can cause you to change your strategy. Higher demand for rental properties will mean that you should increase the rents or upgrade the home to increase further demand for the rental property.

Premier Lender for Refinancing Rental Properties in California

PB Financial Group is your premier mortgage company located in California and offers some of the fastest closings in California, making the loan process straightforward, fast, and simple for borrowers seeking a mortgage in California. Whether you’re a first-time investor searching for your dream rental, refinancing an existing loan, consolidating business loans or looking for an investment property, our highly experienced team of loan officers will help you take the first steps and find the right financial solution.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships with all our clients and continue delivering exceptional service for years to come. The team at PB Financial Group uses cutting-edge technology and specializes in the following California mortgage loan services:

  • Cash out investment loans
  • Home equity loans
  • 2nd position loans
  • Jumbo home loans
  • Hard money loans
  • Home refinance loans
  • Home purchase loans
  • Stated income rental loans

If you’re looking to refinance your rental property in California, get in touch with PB Financial Group now!

There are several reasons why you should choose to refinance your rental property. Here are some of the reasons why property owners in California want to refinance:

  • Getting Cash-Out

    The biggest advantage you gain by refinancing your rental property is that you can benefit from your rental property by not leaving your equity untapped. Unused equity in the home is going to look good on paper, but that’s not a problem for most investors since they have cash-flow.

    A refinance rental property loan can put a good portion of a home’s value to work, and home improvements will yield double-returns. They help increase the home’s value allowing for a higher rent, and tenants also prefer staying in the property long-term.

  • Take Advantage of Distressed Property

    Homeowners and property owners also choose to refinance rental properties, as they can acquire a distressed property at lower prices. There is a great potential for a higher profit because investment properties increase in value over time. The value of a distressed property is bound to increase over time. Homeowners are also likely to get better financing rates for distressed properties, meaning you’ll be paying lower interest rates, closing costs, and mortgage payments.