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Hard Money Lenders – Sunnyvale, Ca

Sunnyvale, at the Epicenter of Silicon Valley Real Estate, depends on a Hard Money Lender to Address its Diverse Needs in the Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

The city of Sunnyvale, California is a shining beacon in the crown of the Golden State, home to residents amongest the high-tech elite of the entire country. It thrives as a central cog turning the wheels of Silicon Valley, with a median single home value so close to $2 million as makes no difference. With such wealth, prosperity and rapid growth, investors demand sophisticated real estate options on the one hand, whereas on the other there are those injured in the resultant rush to riches (circa 2008 recession) begging to somehow enter the Sunnyvale property markets. The time is clearly opportune for PB Financial Group Corp to lift its game to maximum heights to serve both ends of the real estate investing spectrum in this unique city.

PB is a premier hard money lender in California that brings experience and resources gleaned from intense activity in dozens of Californian cities to benefit Sunnyvale in every possible way. It matters not that the investing entities are individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals; we understand all needs and requirements. Moreover, we have the knowledge and the versatility to enter industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate sectors with the same level of professional confidence. It is a fact that residents of this cutting-edge community are not only scaling old credit rating obstacles that cratered their FICO scores into the ground, they are doing so with innovative financing structures like bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans.

Astute residents quickly cotton on to our system of deal closing, which essentially highlights the equity value in the property in question, then uses this to the client’s huge advantage. We work in a spirit of openness that has no place for catches and glitches that are so often the cause of buyer’s remorse. This enables us to go straight to the lowest interest rates and the most generous loan redemption terms possible – with “almost unrealistic speed” as many of our clients have commented from time to time. The one item that astounds all new clients is that loans from $50,000 all the way through to $2 million are not precluded from the PB Financial Group Corp deal-closing advantages. We give all parties on all loan deals equal attention.

It sometimes happens in Sunnyvale that real estate needing big money loans fail to calculate out well on equity value. In such cases, the PB trained agents are ready to seek cross-collateralization solutions that turn out well in virtually every case.  Also, business owners in this high-end city have thrown a curve ball at us by trying constantly to refinance existing loans. We have risen to the occasion: not only are we able to do this seamlessly but also, we can complete such deals with no cash out limits.

Sunnyvale with its demanding residents and PB Financial Group Corp, a private money lender that demands only the best from its agents, are quite at home with one another. Investor clients have found that our range of services can assist both well-heeled and marginal client needs with the same degree of proficiency and attention to detail. Above all, our integrity, sincerity and competitive advantage emerge in every possible way to yield quick and conclusive funding outcomes.

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