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Hard Money Lenders – Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Rancho Cucamonga’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Market Investors with Troubled Credit, are Shown a New Light by California’s Most Penetrative Hard Money Lender.

Rancho Cucamonga is a city adjacent to Los Angeles that has received many accolades and commendations over the years. Aside from being strongly linked to fine wine making, it boasts exceptional schooling standards, well known throughout the country. Its resident wealth is undisputed in many parts of the city, and this is in line with being the chosen home for austere corporations like Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and Amphastar Pharmaceuticals. As one can imagine, the real estate market, encompassing industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property sectors has been and continues to be hectic. Along with this many of the city’s long-time residents have fallen victim to bad investment decisions, which have inevitably deflated their FICO scores riding on poor credit ratings.

PB Financial Group Corp in its ambitious objectives to dominate the hard money lending arena in California, selected Rancho Cucamonga as a key location for its services. Following on from this, there are many of the city’s previously handicapped investors who now have strong probability of securing a first or second lien loan across a range of options. This includes bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans. What is more, they are learning that property financing is attainable through structures of their choosing. We are equally adept at dealing with individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign national investors.

Our close connection with Rancho Cucamonga clients has taught us that our well-practiced process is paying huge dividends. This begins with dissecting every aspect of the property itself to find equity value, then to pounce on this to structure the rest of the deal. Equity value enables us to negotiate the lowest interest rates and easiest terms, irrespective of the burden that past poor credit performance brings with it. As an experienced hard money lender, we well know that the biggest deterrent to clients is the small print. We blow that way from the very start by applying transparency to everything we do.

The most compelling dynamic of our interface with clients revolves around our ability to always find a way. Even if, for example, equity in the real estate is exceedingly thin, our astute agents will look to cross collateralization as a resolution – often with great success. Further, we understand the refinancing of business loans like the back of our hands. This is finding more and more traction in the economy with interest rates rising and is especially attractive when it comes with no cash out limits.

Probably the strongest connection between us and Rancho Cucamonga residents has emerged from the realization that size of loan is no obstacle. Clients looking for $50,000 financing are treated equally with $2 million clients. There is no substitute for putting our perseverance first in getting every client what she, he or it needs.

PB Financial Group Corp once again has not failed to integrate itself with this city’s discerning residents looking for the best private money lender around. We count Rancho Cucamonga as one of our most promising and rewarding incursions into the loan markets of California, based on our professionalism and forthrightness being so clearly appreciated.

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