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Hard Money Lenders – Clovis, Ca

A Hard Money Lender in Clovis comes to the rescue of residents being dragged down by poor FICO scores to push them back into big opportunities in this city’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use, and Residential sectors.

To many living in Clovis, a truly low-crime city of approximately 106,000 residents, it is a very quiet life close to Fresno – some would even call it boring. However, there’s nothing boring about the average price of a single-family home, which has risen from $213,000 to $361,000 over the 6 years from 2012. Also, over a longer period – certainly this century – this Fresno County city has been rocked in so many ways by real estate price fluctuations. Investors who have entered the apparent opportunities in this enclave’s industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential markets have come away with credit records that are less than desirable and FICO scores in the doldrums. With this hanging over them, the chances of securing first and second lien loans from mortgage companies is all but non-existent.

When PB Financial Group came to town in Fresno and then reached out to Clovis, the residents immediately responded. A hard money lender had never been so accommodating there before and hard-pressed investors were quick to seek assistance. Our professional agents, with extensive experience across many Californian cities, showed a range of different investment options to eager clients. These included private money and bridge loans, long-term private financing, and pure investor loans – unheard of in traditional financing circles. Moreover, as more and more clients walked through our doors these new funding methods were applied to helping would-be investors as individuals in addition to foreign nationals, partnerships, trusts and corporations, LLCs, and estate entities. The one common factor, whichever way one looks at it, was the speed and efficiency that we work every deal versus the competition.

When it comes to Clovis real estate, as in the rest of the country, the fastest route to granted loans is found in the equity of the property. Our associates get to that key item without delay. The compelling thing about our strategy is that every client, from a relatively low $50,000 loan application to as high as $2 million gets the famous PB VIP treatment. Also, with an underlying principle of transparency, we eject the small print as an obstacle and quickly negotiate the lowest possible interest rates, adjacent to redemption terms that always put a smile on our clients’ faces.

Sometimes (very occasionally) we can’t locate enough equity in the loan to make things move along the way we would like it to. In cases like this, we revert to a method known as cross-collateralization, which always upsets the competition. We are generally able to get to closing via this route, making marginalized investors an important sector of our client base. Not only that, we are important to business owners trying to refinance existing loans to offset rising interest rates. We get into that with skill and expertise to execute with no cash out limits.

PB Financial Group, a private money lender of wide repute, found Clovis and thus Clovis discovered a way around credit and FICO obstacles. The important thing to remember is that our reliability, professionalism, and speed of deal closing counters competitive efforts every time.

If you live in Clovis and are searching for a private loan, please email us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.