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Hard Money Lenders – Salinas, Ca

Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets are Integral to the Prosperity of Salinas as a Major Agri-Business Region. It has found that the Services of a Proficient Hard Money Lender in Facing Tenants’ Past Credit Issues are a Boon to Business and Peace of Mind

Every Californian city has unique characteristics that make it stand apart. Salinas is proud to lift its head above all others as more than a century old premier agri-business region. Often dubbed the “salad bowl of the world” it can lay legitimate claim to inventing the lettuce iceberg salad. The city covers a vast area that includes a wide variety of real estate, not excluding industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property categories. The underlying problem that troubles a number of the city’s residents is carrying the dual load of a troubled credit rating along with a FICO score that reflects steady deterioration.

Salinas was crying out for a professional hard money lending service that could offer a composite and effective solution to its investors who arrive through the door with only their investment vehicles in mind. PB Financial Group Corp’s team wasted no time and none of its resources to provide loan options to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals alike. Most were amazed to learn that bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans are in the standard armory of proficient funders like PB in the war against clients’ poor and sub-par credit profiles.

Like any well-oiled military strategy, the process follows a seamless route starting with the equity in the property. Once detected, analyzed and filtered through all the options, things move at a steady to very fast pace: first, all the small print is enlarged to give the client unfettered clarity; from there the lowest rates are negotiated and integrated into the contract, together with reasonable terms to give both the lender and borrower a wide, lit-up road forward. The big kicker here is that all these benefits accrue equally and without prejudice to investors both big and small, from $50,000 loan value all the way up to $2 million.

The true worth of PB Financial Group Corp clarifies in the small arena where equity value cannot get the deal done. Our professionally trained agents get into full gear and draw on such esoteric techniques as cross-collateralization to complete the loan process for even those clients on the credit borderline. Moreover, we can swing into another mode completely with refinancing options that come with no cash out limits. This has particular relevance to businesses, whether small, medium or huge in scale.

Salinas may be leaning towards agriculture as a mainstream business. It may not be as hectic as mega-cities like Los Angeles. However, its residents have quickly adapted to the speedy and efficient deal closings that traditionally take an age to complete. Our competitors have been left completely floundering on this item, while trying to zone in on funding answers to the fast-changing real estate sectors in this populous city. We have found that the traditional “farmer’s” willingness to trust a reliable friend has welcomed PB Financial Group Corp as a first-choice private money lender into the fold.

If you reside in Salinas and are in need of a hard money loan, contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.