Hard Money Lenders – Modesto, Ca

Modesto is a Quiet City Making a lot of Noise Since California’s Top Rated Hard Money Lender Solved Past Credit Problems for Investors in its Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Some cities don’t stand out for any one thing really noticeable, and that seems to be the case for Modesto. Actually Modesto is not so modest when it comes to agriculture, which is a large and thriving industry in the city. Otherwise it essentially functions as a San Francisco Bay sleeper community, appealing to people who cannot afford the skyrocketing bigger city residential prices. Still,it has vibrant activity in the property arena – particularly for investors interested in its industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate markets. Sadly, this interest is often quelled when it emerges that many Modesto investors are burdened with poor credit performance over the years. This has manifested itself in weak FICO scores not readily equipped to qualify for first and second lien loans.

PB Financial Group Corp, a go-ahead hard money lender, has certainly not been modest in coming forward to prop up faltering credit wherever possible. Our professional team of agents are equipped with bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans that can override most credit pitfalls.Even the most reticent investors are pleasantly surprised when they learn how to secure loans with certainty offered to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals.  Many have quickly closed on deals with the lowest possible interest rates and easiest terms, all on the back of a sound private money lender approach. PB Financial Group Corp has a well-practiced approach to first find equity value in the real estate, then leverage that to find balance between lender and borrower. There are no tricks or maneuvers in getting there, only well taught techniques that expose and eliminate small print “catches.”

The most memorable feature of our loan negotiating service is that there is no loan too small or too big when it comes to getting our attention. No matter if it’s a $50,000 loan application or one for $2 million, we always apply our considerable resources to close the deal speedily and efficiently. Our clients constantly praise our efforts to take the stress off their shoulders. The benefits we generate are products of our dependability, fortitude, transparency and never-say-die attitude, which we apply in every case without fail.

As a hard money lender in Modesto, a bit of a sleepy hollow at times, we have succeeded in waking things up. No more will credit lapses have the traction to hold a Modesto resident down, or take him or her out of the game. PB Financial Group Corp brings its Californian experience, gained mostly in the big cities, to Modesto and its residents.

Never is this more obvious or pronounced than when there simply is not enough equity to be found. Our expert agents guide clients to cross collateralization solutions, which have rescued the situation on more than one occasion. Also, as a hard money lender that fully understands the ramifications of a rising interest rate era, we can refinance business loans with no cash out limit.

Modesto and PB Financial are compatible because we both believe in the same values: trustworthiness, commitment and resilience being top of the list. So if you are a Modesto resident looking for a property in your home-city, remember that there’s now a steadfast private money lender that can help you achieve your goals.

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