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Hard Money Lenders – Vallejo, Ca

Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Real Estate in Vallejo Connects to California’s Leading Hard Money Lender to Help the City’s Residents with Credit Problems Obtain Low-interest Loans.

The 2008 countrywide recession was in cases even more relentless than usual in its sweep of vulnerable cities. Vallejo – the city itself – declared bankruptcy in this year, and suffered for three years of redemption before the courts approved its release. Inevitably, many resident city investors were carried away in this tide of economic upheaval. It obliterated the credit ratings of otherwise upstanding citizens leaving them with tattered FICO scores. In many cases, these poor souls were left desperate and without solutions in their quest to resurrect reputations. Making it even worse is the fact that as the city recovered and pulled itself out of the quagmire, these were excluded from its window of opportunity.

The biggest hurdle for struggling clients with a spotty credit history is securing first and second lien loans to invest in Vallejo industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate. Thanks to PB Financial Group, the hard money lender reinventing the property loan environment in California, the city’s citizens across the credit history scale can now access private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans to participate in the recent property boom. We entered this small metropolis fully equipped to meet the needs of individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals when it comes to making an important property investment decision. Our decisive entry into the fray has rattled the composure of our competitors who are unable to match the speed of our responses to every client need.

It is one thing to know that the secret to funding success lies in finding equity value in the targeted asset, it’s another thing finding it seamlessly and without fuss. Our professionalism shines through every time as we pursue this line of attack and then use it to negotiate the lowest interest rates available. Alongside this effective methodology rests our consistent policy of transparency, which opens up the small print in the contract. In the end, our clients are on cloud nine as the deal closes with a speed and fluidity seldom seen in this business, providing very comfortable loan redemption terms as well.

Clients with their sights on loans from $50,000 to as high as $2 million are connected to a dedicated PB agent, thus guaranteeing the same concentrated attention and care. Our client-comes-first approach has resonated strongly in Vallejo property circles, especially in cases where equity values are too thin to get a straightforward PB solution. In cases like this, we cross-collateralize – a tactic that works so well for marginal investors. We also are adept at refinancing loans for businesses being pushed and pulled by the latest Fed moves on lifting interest rates. In fact, we achieve great results in this arena with no cash out limits.

Vallejo residents and PB Financial Group, its hard money lender of choice, are an ideal match. The city’s residents agree wholeheartedly as our innovative lending options, based on a hard work ethic and ongoing perseverance show their magic for all interested parties – especially those who have struggled with past credit issues.

For more information or inquiries about our hard money loan process, email us at [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.