Mixed Use Commercial Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Lenders – Chula Vista, Ca

California’s Chula Vista Finds that a Hard Money Lender is what the Doctor Ordered when it comes to Arranging Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Loans for Its Residents with FICO Glitches and Other Credit Issues.

San Diego and the Mexican border are not far from this city. In fact, both are just a hop, skip and jump from Chula Vista, which means “beautiful view.” Any metropolis located so strategically is without a doubt in the thick of trade across its borders and feels the economic vibrations from its giant neighbor. For many living in Chula Vista the view doesn’t compensate for errors made in trying to keep up with the growth. The inevitable happened here, the same way it happened in every other US city: problematic FICO scores and all kinds of credit lapses are in the wings, waiting to kybosh any attempt to raise a first or second lien loan in the industrial, commercial, mixed use or residential property markets.

Enter PB Financial Group Corp, an experienced hard money lender unafraid to step up and lend its professional hand to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. Irrespective of past ills, we are confident that current opportunities are within the grasp of all the city’s residents by raising bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans. This confidence is earned and deserved because we implement a process that seldom fails: look for equity – no matter how obscure – in the property under question. Then drive that find for all that its worth to get the best interest rates for the category of loan, and the best terms for loan repayment. In the few cases where equity is minuscule or non-existent we have a cross collateralization strategy in place, ready to go. The results are surprisingly strong.

Most can’t understand how PB Financial Group Corp got ahead so quickly. The answer is simple really – we are miles ahead of the competition. Our tight group of professional lending agents have a passion to help the forgotten tiers of afflicted real estate investors. Our ability to help is anchored in offices right in the middle of the property action, where critical resources are immediately accessible. For example, we are way ahead of the curve in refinancing business loans – with no cash out limitation – in a new environment of rising interest rates.

In Chula Vista, with its diversity and expanding opulence, clients are approaching the real estate market from a range of entry points. As a private money lender, we could be arranging a loan for as low as $50,000 in the morning and interfacing a $2 million client through lunch. We may easily spend hours unraveling a credit score dilemma on the one hand, or blitz through an exemplary credit record on the other. High valued loans or low, credit pitfalls or a clear road ahead – all customers are treated with the same sense of urgency and importance. It is relevant to mention that our team is steadfastly committed to transparency, thus taking the small print out of the equation from inception. As a result we have built a reputation for getting a decision quickly, and constructing a schedule that redeems the loan comfortably.

We, at PB Financial Group Corp, are one of the most impactful hard money lenders in Chula Vista. We have helped change the loan-securing experience of the residents living in Chula Vista with credit score issues from hopeless to encouraged, from frustrated to relaxed and from empty to enriched.

For further information about obtaining a private money loan, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.