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Hard Money Lenders – Huntington Beach, Ca

Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate in Huntington Beach is Right in the Domain of California’s Foremost Hard Money Lender. Serving Residents with Superior Service, PB Financial is Riding the Crest of the Wave in Surf City.

Huntington Beach is known to be a surfer’s haven, blessed with perfect waves from a blending of uncanny geographic positioning in the ideal climatic belt that governs waves and swells. Not only does this city, quite small by Californian standards, rank highly for uninterrupted beaches, it is way up there for property price appreciation.

Idyllic surfing weather and optimal conditions for trading in real estate are not even closely aligned: many Huntington Beach residents who go through the tubes of high waves in the Pacific Ocean have crashed and burned when it comes to investing in the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets. This has flushed out weak FICO scores linked to cracked credit ratings, which in turn haven’t allowed these investors to resurface – until now.

PB Financial Group Corp, a private money lender, has turned the tide on the traditionalists that never forgive past credit lapses. The company has blasted old ideas out of the backdoor with unheard of first and second lien loans offered to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. Our agents were brought up through the rough-and-tumble of vacillating property markets, where they emerged as the best at structuring bridge loans, long-term private financing, hard money loans and investor loans. The benefits to hard-pressed investors with a patchy credit look-back, are the lowest interest rates for every loan category, and the easiest terms of loan remediation.

Surfers-come-investors cannot believe their good fortune when it comes to the loan approval process. Loan applications from $50,000, careening to as high as $2 million, have equal success in an atmosphere of full transparency. As a result, everyone, irrespective of credit ratings, gets a fair shake given that the small print is simply no longer an obstacle. The formula we follow, within a framework of steadfastness and understanding our clients’ needs, is unearth the true equity value in the property to the lender’s satisfaction. From this point all the rest falls quickly in place and the deal closes quickly.

PB Financial Group Corp has led the way in almost every aspect of hard money lending in California. This is especially evident when, despite all our trained agents’ efforts, we simply can’t get to an acceptable equity value. The next big move is cross-collateralization so that no client leaves our offices without a loan resolution. Our exceptional performance stands out particularly in the business sector where we are refinancing loans with no cash out limit. There simply is no competition to PB Financial Group Corp as a one-stop client resource for private money lending in an inflationary economy with rising interest rates.

So, if you are looking to ride the perfect half-pipe into Huntington Beach real estate, you need a mentor with integrity and the talent to match the right properties to its client’s needs. This requires demonstrable acumen and appreciation of realty trends affecting values and redemption of loans. That mentor is PB Financial Group Corp, the most professional of hard money lenders in every city in California.

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