Hard Money Lenders – Berkeley, Ca

Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Real Estate in the University City of Berkeley has Benefited from the Acclaimed Services of a Hard Money Lender Connecting with the City’s Residents Weighed Down by Past Credit Issues.

Berkeley, CA is a city connected to one of the country’s austere learning institutions, which in turn has initiated a spate of business activities and high demand for its real estate. Without a doubt, Berkeley carries an aura that is hard to ignore. As such it’s a magnet for new residents who want a part of it. However, it is indeed unfortunate that academic prowess does not always align with astute real estate investing; it’s a reality that many residents in this University mini-metropolis of 113,000 have faltered numerous times, earning C grades and lower on their FICO Scores – weighed down as they are by dismal credit pass rates. As a result, suspect-applicant ability to secure first and second lien loans in what is now a runaway property market has been frustrating and exclusionary when it comes to bidding for new opportunities.

PB Financial Group, an extremely active Californian Hard Money Lender, recently got the call from potential investors fed-up from being shut out of entry to the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential sectors. We wasted no time in connecting their investment vehicles including individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals to a range of funding options. We exposed clients to the different advantages of private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans. They also didn’t realize that cutting through the obstacles was as simple as just finding equity in the target property.

Our trained lending agents are adept at leveraging found equity value into a negotiation where the lowest interest rates emerge, along with straightforward terms of loan redemption. The secret to this latter aspect is transparency – opening up all clauses in the contract from the start, especially the sometimes-inhibitive small print. The impressive item in all this is our speed in getting it all done – a factor that continues to puzzle all our competitors. Little do they understand that our deep resources and experience in many cities close to Berkeley give us a sharp edge.

Clients looking for loans as low as $50,000 are treated with the same priority as those on the other end of the scale –deals in the range of $2 million. Moreover, we are especially effective in helping marginal-property investors, where the equity content is below par. We cross-collateralize in cases like this, with great results in 98% of the deals. Also, we refinance business loans for entities being squeezed by the Fed and their ongoing strategy that seems to be intent on pushing interest rates up. Again, we are way ahead of the pack in this arena.

PB Financial Group came to Berkeley like so many before us to learn, but also to tutor residents in the best way to break into the city’s real estate. We very quickly showed how reliability and professional talent are deciding characteristics in a particularly discerning client environment.

For more information or inquiries about or private money loan process, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.