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2nd Position Stated Income Loans

Get an Easy Second Mortgage with Our 2nd position stated income loans!

While a lot of people associate 2nd position stated income loans with the housing market collapse of 2008, seasoned professionals at PB Financial Group know better. With the attitude of lenders relaxing toward loan applications, we stand among responsible lenders who are also committed to helping people going through a rough patch.

There is obvious attraction to the no-documentation mortgage because it fast forwards the process and qualified borrowers don’t require any monetary financing to get approvals. With such a few hassles and paperwork, the loan application moves smoothly.

Get Quick Money with 2nd Position Stated Income Loans

Self-employed individuals are reliant on stated income loans because it is difficult for them to document income. Getting a 2nd mortgage can be difficult for stated income loans because there are several things that can go wrong. Without documentation, borrowers may still default on the loan. Therefore, most banks and lenders don’t offer 2nd position stated income loans, which is why PB Financial Group is so popular among self-employed individuals looking for a 2nd position loan to refinance properties or pullout cash without paying off a low-rate 1st mortgage.

We have been in the mortgage lending business for 14 years, specializing in stated income mortgage loans and 2nd position stated income loans. We don’t waste your time with unnecessary documentation and complete transactions faster than any of our competitors.

2nd Position Stated Income Loans for Refinancing

If you are in need of cash to reinvest in your home for refurbishments, debt consolidation, or construction, you can take out a quick and easy 2nd position stated income loan. Borrowers like you who are looking for a no-documentation mortgage program may take advantage of FHA loans, and, to do that, they will need under written FHA-insured mortgage.

In 2019, the economy is roaring once again and stated income mortgage lenders are coming back into the picture as they allow borrowers to get approved for a mortgage with no income documentation required.

Getting a 2nd Position Stated Income Loan in 2019

In 2019, several loan options are available to borrowers who want to get approved for mortgage without documentation of any kind. These options still offer secure opportunities to find much-needed financing for properties they mean to invest in.

PB Financial Group can help you get approved for a 2nd position stated income loan in 2019 in California, so that you can buy your property.

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