Stated Income Mortgage Loans

Stated income mortgage loans

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Stated income mortgage loans are loans specifically offered to borrowers to pay off business debt on their assets without the lender examining proof of income. The borrower signs the loan agreement stating their income, and the lender waives the requirement of proof for the given amount.

This has become a popular mode of mortgage lending in the 21st century, thanks to private lenders who offer quick financing solutions to borrowers. These lenders offer stated income loans to help home owners, investors, and buyers in immediate need of financing assistance. Since there is no time to evaluate the proof of income, lenders like PB Financing Group forego any such assessment and issue the loan so the borrower can satisfy their business needs without delay.

Home Owners Requesting Stated Income Loans For Mortgage Are Growing

Stated income loans give the borrowers quick access to the loan they need. Conventional banks would not offer customers this kind of flexibility, speed of service, and rate of approval. However, lenders, such as PB Financing Group, which are not run by huge corporations but by people who intend to do some good, allow stated income lending.

At PB Financing Group, we understand that people need to get access to much needed mortgage financing at times, and we provide it to them without the torment of going through a traditional bank’s long processes only to be told their application was rejected.

We have been assisting property owners with mortgage loans for several years. We take pride in our quick application processes and broader brackets for loan amounts, which allow our customers to gain access to the money they need without delay or having to go to other lenders.

  • We maintain a very high rate of application approval for stated income mortgage loans.
  • We have streamlined application processing so that it takes only days to get the money in your hands.
  • We trust our customers with their declarations and ask them to go through minimal documentation for the application.

How To Apply For a Stated Income Mortgage Loan With Us

We have a very straightforward application process, which is designed to save customers’ precious time and allow them to get their applications approved without any unnecessary delays.

Applicants simply fill out our simple application form and provide the necessary documents requested therein. Upon submission, one of our loan officers goes through the form and gets in touch with you to make a suitable proposition.

If everything goes as planned, you can expect your mortgage loan to be issued within days.

Fill out the stated income mortgage loan application form and start the process right now.