Pouyan Broukhim

Meet the Owner

As a real estate investor, Pouyan Broukhim started PB Financial Group Corp in 2006, he saw a need to provide financing to many individuals who were left out of the real estate market and how the real estate market was going to be effected by subprime loans and negative amortized loans. Pouyan realized that the market was going to be changing and not for the best as lenders were making high Loan to Value loans that were not realistic. He decided to open PB Financial Group Corp to help clients regain the equity that they lost when the prices dropped.

Fast forward to 2008-2010, Pouyan Broukhim and PB Financial Group Corp ended up serving their purpose in helping many investors get into the fix-&-flip properties and buy-&-hold (rental) programs, which enabled many individuals to regain assets that they had lost during the 2006-2007 year and rebuild their opportunities and wealth.

Today, Pouyan Broukhim and PB Financial Group Corp still services these sets of individuals whom have had low fico scores, mortgage lates and/or foreclosures or short sales along with individual investors who are needing quick financing to take advantage of real estate opportunities that come along. The motto has always been “helping borrower gain wealth and grow their real estate portfolio” and we have had much success with our experience, communication with our borrowers, tailored pricing and fast closing/funding.

Pouyan Broukhim

(Chairman and founder)

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