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Hard Money Lenders – Ontario, Ca

Ontario’s Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-use Real Estate is an Integral Part of Greater Los Angeles. A Hard Money Lender has Applied its Expertise to bring Pressured Residents into the Best Opportunities in the Real Estate Arena.

Mention Ontario California to most and the response is “not Canada”. The truth is that Ontario’s roots dating back to 1882 do actually have Canadian pedigree, getting its name through an engineer across the border that operated in the area. Over the next 130 years Ontario has established itself as an integral part of the greater Los Angeles region.

Inevitably, Its residents were sucked into the vortex created by the recession circa 2008 along with all of California’s cities, leaving a ragged trail of broken FICO scores and tramped down credit ratings. In contrast, the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property values shrugged off all signs of negativity and escalated to new heights in 2018. Clearly, this has created a dilemma for Ontario residents still shackled to past mistakes, as new real estate opportunities pass them by.

All this was turned upside down with the advent of PB Financial Group Corp, a hard money lender making huge strides in every nook and cranny of California. Our professional team of agents versed in the fundamental aspects of first and second lien loans, opened for business appealing to all clients in Ontario. This encompasses individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. Ever since then the city’s residents – even those with seriously troubled Credit records – have flooded into private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans to take advantage of Ontario’s real estate markets.

The testimonials of clients share the compliment that the PB Financial Group Corp process is the epitome of professionalism, entrenched in an unwavering transparency throughout. Top of the list is the fact that the small print is never an issue in closing a deal – PB agents do not let it hinder progress in any way. Our well-tried formula of uncovering the equity value in the targeted real estate has so far never failed. Once we detect asset wealth we work efficiently and without deviation to negotiate the lowest interest rates along with the most comfortable loan redemption terms available.

Clients have been amazed at the attention to their borrowing needs, especially pointing out that loan size was not a discriminating factor: raises of $50,000 received as much agent attention as $2 million loans. Another revelation emerged when it comes to real estate saddled with insufficient equity: our efforts to cross-collateralize worked well in almost every case. Moreover, businesses looking to refinance in a fast-changing inflationary environment now understand that our lending resources go very deep. We are one of the few who can implement these programs with no cash out limits, much to the chagrin of our competitors.

So in a nutshell, PB has made far-reaching headway in the penetration of the Ontario real estate landscape. We have connected with the city’s residents in the most compelling way to open opportunities that for so long have been removed from credit-strapped clients. The underlying fabric built on mutual respect, trust in our agents’ capabilities and the knowledge that we can get the deal done every time is just as important.

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