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Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Loans are Now Accessible to Even Those Riverside Residents with Credit Obstruction. A Hard Money Lender has Created New Possibilities Never Seen Before in the “City of Arts and Innovation.”

Riverside has unusual characteristics. Firstly, it derives its name from its location on the banks of the Santa Ana River, yet it is a city aside from Santa Ana itself. Secondly, it is largely a bedroom community, as most the residents work in Los Angeles. Yet most of the property growth comes from Los Angeles forcing people out of their markets with high prices. Finally, it was a vibrant citrus region for many years, yet today very few orange or lemon trees are to be seen. So, in a nutshell, this is a city of change and movement that has generated huge challenges for its over 300,000 population, where unemployment was remarkably high after the recession. The upshot is that FICO issues abound as credit mistakes of the past haunt present day efforts to borrow money. Securing loans in industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential properties is an ongoing uphill battle for many.

Thankfully PB Financial Group Corp, California’s premiere hard money lender, anticipated these urgent needs and stepped into the breach without hesitation. As a net result, Riverside now has ways and means of accessing first and second lien real estate loans for residents investing as individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. We have moved into Riverdale lock, stock and barrel so to speak, with our fully loaded professional team of loan agents. This means that poor credit pedigree as an investment deterrent has met its match. Riverdale clients are spreading the word that investing in their city’s real estate is again an encouraging experience.

The formula is trusted and true for all funding types – bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans: we focus on unearthing some equity in the targeted real estate. Even just a small piece can work in the client’s favor. If that fails, we try to cross-collateralize – a tactic that clients cannot comprehend until the benefits emerge. On top of this we are able to refinance business loans without any cash out limits – a winning move against rising inflationary pressures. Riverside customers especially appreciate the low interest rates and super-friendly terms a hard money lender attaches to arranged loans. It is no accident that almost from the beginning of the loan process all the normally obscure clauses in the loan contract are exposed and put on the front burner. That’s because we believe implicitly in a transparent approach.

PB Financial Group Corp, active in all major California cities, can absolutely cater to the needs of Riverside residents on loans ranging from $50,000 to $2 million. We ensure that the process moves forward in a swift manner. The client benefits from a seamless methodology resulting in a schedule built around loan redemption and interest payments that are affordable and sensible to all involved parties. Credit obstacles simply disintegrate in the face of our professional team effort.

Riverside may no longer grow oranges, but it is a city of note and like its neighbors presents a variety of real estate openings. With PB Financial Group Corp firmly in the mix as a private money lender, residents can apply for loans without fear of traditional rejection connected to past credit indiscretions. As a leader in the field, we treat all clients with the respect they deserve and offer all the resources at our disposal. For a truly astute real estate loan service please contact [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.