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Hard Money Lenders – Downey, Ca

Downey, Host to the World’s Oldest McDonald’s Active Outlet, has Consolidated Loans for Even the Most Ailing of Its Residents with California’s most Successful Hard Money Lender, thus Creating Access to Its Valuable Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Real Estate

Downey has the distinction of housing the longest operating McDonald’s restaurant in the world and is as close to Los Angeles as makes very little difference. The city has attracted 112,000 residents who work there and commute to outside locales every day. It also has a claim to being the initiator of the Apollo Space Program and is the hometown of the famous singing duo, the Carpenters. None of this had any standing whatsoever when the 2008 recession struck the US, taking assets of every kind – including real estate – into the doldrums. Now, 10 years later, in a much-recovered economic environment, there are still Downey past-investors limping along on credit styled crutches – lamenting FICO scores that are all but deceased. The bottom line is this: these resident investors are last in line when it comes to traditional real estate funding – so it would seem.

Like in many other cases, PB Financial Group Corp flew into Downey on its turbocharged Hard Money Lending rocket, to rescue the day. Without any ceremony, our professional loan analysts got down to business capturing the attention of somewhat beaten down investors who trundled into our city office. They arrived as individuals or foreign nationals or carrying paperwork reflecting tainted partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, or estates.

None of this phased PB: in no time at all, we secured deals by quickly locating the equity value in the properties; then through a process of full transparency and exposing the small print right away, we closed in on the best interest rates and the easiest redemption terms. Clients are simply amazed at how fast we connected these seamless financing arrangements via private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans – instruments that are at our fingertips at all times. Furthermore, there’s no standing in line if your loan is on the small end of the spectrum (say $50,000). Our policy is equal treatment for all: everyone is treated like a $2 million client.

Our competitors simply cannot fathom how we succeed, even with low equity-content properties. They do not appreciate that we just apply cross-collateralization technology, and Voila! The deal is most often closed. Also, we move efficiently and with purpose to conclude any refinancing of business loans pounded with rising interest rates. The thing is, we achieve this with no cash out limits.

As a Hard Money Lender that is proactive in every city in California, in every category of real estate, PB Financial Group Corp brings real value to the pockets of investors – no matter what their credit history tells us about them. This takes real talent sometimes under extreme pressure, as well as reliability merged with a well-planned approach to real estate lending. It wins the day with Downey investors every time.

For more information or inquiries on our private money loan process, residents of Downey can contact us at or call 877.700.3703.