Hard Money Lenders – Fontana, Ca

Fontana, a Trucking Hub of Note, makes Its Mark Felt as a Major California Center for Hard Money Lending in Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Fontana is a city that stands out for many things, the weirdest being host to the fastest half marathon course in the world – attracting athletes from all over to try for their personal best here. Also, it is a premier regional trucking hub, having transitioned from a rural community in the mid 1900’s. With all this change, an avalanche of forces shaped the Fontana real estate in different directions, creating ongoing opportunities for residents in its industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets.At the same time, unwary investors caught in the crosswinds made many mistakes, big and small, all merging in the end to downgrade credit ratings reflected by diminishing FICO scores.

The malady of credit blemishes seemed to be obstructing Fontana residents from obtaining first and second lien loans for real estate purchase today – that is until PB Financial Group Corp came to the rescue. We are a private money lender, bolstered by an exemplary team reputation for overcoming any credit burden with a selection of bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans. What is more, this array of options can be applied to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals alike – a wide window of loan application that few know about.

When we set our services to help the residents up in Fontana, the extra benefits offered to credit-strapped applicants were highlighted in a big way.More specifically, we showed how deals could be closed in no time at all by simply pinpointing the equity value in the property. It really is of no consequence whether the loan size is $50,000 or whether it’s $2 million – the PB Financial Group Corp professional edge gets the job done. If, in the unlikelihood, there is too little equity value to be extracted, our team of experienced agents will move the application onto a cross collateralization platform that has worked wonders for so many of our customers.

The big picture is one thing, but the most impressive part of our client service is on the ground where all this is getting processed. PB Financial Group Corp makes certain that the small print is upfront and addressed from the beginning to offset aftershock at the end. This transparency headlines our methodology that is also well known for zoning in on the lowest interest rates for the loan type, as well as the best terms around redemption of the loan. The optimal result, we believe, is where both the lender and borrower are mutually satisfied.

Finally, we must mention the latest development in Fontana real estate: rising interest rates on the back of recent Fed policy. We are very active, therefore, in the arena of refinancing loans for businesses with no cash out limits. If you fall in this category, speak to us.

A hard money lender builds its client base by showing how dependability, a wealth of resources and openness of process brings serious benefits,never before attainable, especially when credit history issues are a drag. We bring all that and more to the Fontana community and we expect to see big growth this year as a consequence.

For more information on how to obtain a hard money loan please submit to [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.