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Realtor Relationships

PB Financial Group Corp is California’s Trusted Hard Money Source for California Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents.

5 Keys to a Successful Transaction between Investor or Bridge Buyer, his Realtor, and the Dependable Hard Money Lender:

  • Focus on the Client’s Best Interest – Real estate sales and lending is a service business. Realtors and hard money lenders serve the Investor of residential, apartment, commercial, industrial, or land properties. By focusing on the best interests of these mutual clients, Realtors and their Investor can best be assured that the transaction will close efficiently effectively. When problems develop during the real estate closing process, it is usually due to one party or the other placing their needs above that of the involved. When all parties seek to satisfy the needs of their investor, most problems will be averted.
  • Teamwork Wins Over “I” every time-If you want to be the most successful Realtor possible you have to work with internal and external teammates to accomplish the goal. Instead of viewing each other as the opposition and trying to prove your superiority by demanding special treatment, view your hard money lender as another teammate, along with your mutual Investor; who all share the goal of a satisfying result during your time together. An Investor, who benefits from the results of this teamwork between his/her agent and his trusted hard money lender, will see value and assurance in future transactions.
  • Participate and be involved – Since teamwork is so crucial to the success of a transaction, then it is vital that each party be the best that they can be. Teams are made of specialists with particular skills in certain areas of the task at hand. In business you may have managers, visionaries, or sales specialists. The best teams have specialists in all the key positions, so that they excel in every aspect of their endeavor. In the common endeavor of closing real estate transactions, one must be the very best at what they do and understand their position in the team. If they focus on the fundamentals of their task and trust others to do their part, the team can achieve great things.
  • Always be Honest and Straight – The most common reason for an unsuccessful closing process going awry is poor communication. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, yet failing to set realistic expectations and setting unrealistic timelines does no one any good in the process a service. Having an experienced hard money lender by your side that is honest and straight can provide a realistic time frame; and financing structures to aid in the process can make life easier for all parties involved. Nothing shuts people down more than a feeling that those that are supposedly working on their behalf are over-promising and under-delivering.
  • Long Term Goals— This isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. If the goal is earning a commission check, then the results of a residential real estate closing will be failure. The proper goal is to understand your career, have a team, be a supportive player, and cooperate into the participation. When this goal is met, other benefits, far more valuable than a single commission check, will accrue to the Realtor and all others involved. Potential future referrals have significant financial value beyond the single transaction of the moment, and the professional satisfaction that comes from helping others better their lives makes work meaningful and sustaining

At PB Financial Group Corp, a lot of Realtors have trusted us to be by their side and their investor’s side. Let us show to be a part of your team. After 8 years and 1200+ successful closings, we are the right partner to achieve your goals.

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    Since 2006, PB Financial Group Corp. has gained considerable experience in the equity lending industry. Every day and every year, our company has adapted to the changing trends of the industry; applying new methods of system performances that help us in our decision making. Every loan challenge we come across, we utilize our knowledge experience to structure the entire process to deliver the best outcome of service delivery to our clients.
    Because of our respectable reputation, we have our own pool of investors ready to look into every loan proposal submitted to us by borrowers for approval. It is with their trust in our company that these loans go through a thorough underwriting process; justifying the risks involved in lending on an unconventional level. These loan proposals we receive every day are eventually given offers due to its strong compliance, and funds are then secured for the loan closing.
    Every rate loan program we quote our clients is done sensibly logically depending on the loan proposal’s credibility. Whatever property type it is, our proposition for our offer pricing has the reinforcing reason that’s justified with all the risks involved to help protect both borrowers and investors, which also makes it very competitive reasonable.
    We pride ourselves in providing quality service to our clients, including 3rd party participants. We are honest and upfront to respond promptly accordingly on any loan’s prospect probability; weighing in all the risk factors to make sure there won’t be any issues later on post-closing of the loan. It is not in our principle to over-promise and under-deliver to our clients. We will work hard to make sure all obligations entailed are met for everybody’s satisfaction. Service to our clients always needs to be exceptional.
    We simply love what we do. We are devoted in helping out our clients in their financing needs. We appreciate the work time placed on the entire loan process with everyone’s involvement. We face every challenge with perseverance tenacity. This common trait will show on why you can never go wrong with doing business with PB Financial Group Corp.