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Pomona is a Middle Road Californian City with High-end Hard Money Lending Solutions. This has Bolstered the City’s Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Markets.

Pomona is a middle road city in Los Angeles County with a population just nudging 150,000. It has a history entrenched in agriculture but over time the landscape has transformed, with recent acceleration into a non-homogenous combination of industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate. In the past year alone, median residential values rose 10% and is expected to repeat this performance in 2018. This is indeed a picture of economic change, but inevitably it includes price volatility – especially magnified by the recession that collapsed property values in 2008. It created sometimes-insurmountable credit rating problems for investors – evidenced by FICO scores going south in many cases. Like all other business communities in California, the city’s traditional mortgage lenders are generally unsympathetic to ailing entities trying to enter new real estate opportunities.

Road blocked individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals have reached out to PB Financial Group Corp, a top-rated hard money lender with a reputation for relieving credit burdens of investors throughout The Golden State. Almost instantly, bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans entered the Pomona arena, creating new opportunities for those saddled with credit handicaps. We have the experience, the professional financing resources, and the lender mindset to meet almost any real estate investment challenge. City residents have responded to our involvement with enthusiasm as we generate quick results for all clients coming through our doors.

The PB Financial Group Corp code of doing business outstrips the competition in one key area: we simply do not differentiate between clients based on the size of the loan. Our lending agents provide full professional support to clients that are raising $50,000 in the same way as they do for those gearing up for loans of $2 million. Even more important than this is our policy of full transparency that effectively eliminates the aftershock of small print clauses. Our methodology centers on unearthing the equity value in every property presented to us, and then we move speedily to arrange the lowest interest rates and terms of loan redemption. In almost every case both the lender and the borrower emerge with happy faces, indicative of a balanced loan that’s fair to all participating parties.

Our resilience is best tested when it comes to real estate where equity is paper-thin and, secondly, when it comes to businesses facing increasing interest rates pushed up by the latest Fed policies. PB applies cross collateralization to the former with excellent results, and we are known for our ability to refinance with no cash-out limits when it comes to the latter. This has thrown a spanner into the works of our competition that in most cases cannot provide solutions with this level of sophistication.

Pomona has enjoyed a renaissance in the arena of real estate investing alongside PB Financial Group Corp – a foremost private money lender active in most cities in California. Our appreciation of the real estate lending industry from the top down, and our advantaged insight into difficult credit issues has benefited the city’s investors in a significant way. Thus, we have helped to create better decisions and a healthier property investment environment all round.

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