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Foreign National Loans

Get Easier Hard Money Loans PB Financial Group Offers Only to Foreign Nationals!

Getting loan approvals from a bank or traditional lending institution in the US can be tricky for foreign nationals. If you are looking for a quick hard money loan to avail a business opportunity, especially in the Californian real estate market, you are very likely to face rejection.

PB Financial Group has been offering hard money loans to foreign nationals for several years, often without demanding them to meet any stringent requirements that traditional lenders and banks require.

At PB Financial Group, we offer loans based on assets and therefore have no interest in forcing you to divulge any proof of income if you are a foreign national. We assess the value of the property and offer you the best possible loan amount against it, making the entire loan process simple and quick for foreign nationals.

How Can Foreign Nationals Obtain Loans?

Owning real estate in the United States is part of the American dream for many foreign nationals. However, their international status hinders their progress due to strict regulations that often result in their failure to secure a mortgage from a conventional financial institution.

The biggest problem that foreign national investors face when requesting a real estate loan is to prove to the lender that the investment is worth the risk. They need to provide specific documentation like credit reports, proof of income, and employment history – each of which must build an image of stability.

This poses numerous problems for foreign nationals who may not have lived in the country long enough. If they don’t have a credit report, how will they prove that they have good credit?

This is where alternative financing comes to the rescue – borrowing from private money lenders, like PB Financial Group in California.

At PB Financial Group, our team members have many years of experience of working with, and assisting, foreign nationals with money lending. This has allowed us to offer solutions that take into account the specific problems foreign nationals face while seeking commercial loans.

Foreign National Loans in California

Financial services for foreign national have evolved recently, and these changes have allowed foreign national investors to acquire real estate financing much more easily than in the past.

Our team works diligently alongside foreign investors to help them acquire hard money foreign national loans so they can invest in building a real estate portfolio in California.

How It Works

We have designed our financial services to help people acquire the financial assistance they need for real estate investments in California. We have a very convenient process that goes like this:

  • Step 1: You send us your loan application using our online foreign national loans form that you can fill out without leaving the comfort of your bed.
  • Step 2: Our account managers will assess your applications and likely contact you with acknowledgement.
  • Step 3: Once you accept our offer, the loan agreement is signed, and the transaction can be completed within 10 business days.

Get in touch with our investment loan agents today to discuss different loan repayment terms and apply for foreign national financial lending services.