Residential Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Lenders – Victorville, Ca

When Victorville Invited a Hard Money Lender into Its Fold to Help Credit-strapped Investors, It Uplifted the Ease of Entry into the City’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Real Estate.

First and second lien loans have been stubbornly unobtainable for many Victorville residents who are still trying to recover from the effects of the 2008 recession. Nonetheless, the city with its convenient location between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and being so close to the Mojave Desert has experienced and benefited from a continuous flurry of commercial activity that has spawned appreciation in its industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate. This upsurge, however, cannot deflect or address the obstacles created by past faltering credit performance and FICO scores that still wallow in the doldrums. It is without a doubt an unenviably stubborn situation; one that prevents many potential investors from getting involved in this city’s economic revival.

The Victorville property vacuum as described is not a deterrent but “business as usual” for California’s leading hard money lender, PB Financial Group. Its versatile team of professional loan agents has been constructing private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans for hard-pressed clients in a wide range of cities across the state for years now. In fact, our proficiency in overcoming all credit related obstacles extends to negotiating easy funding for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals alike. Competitors still cannot come to grips with our resilience and the expansiveness of our focused services.

The road to lending success, when you boil it down to basics, really revolves around two major skill-sets: finding reasonable equity in the property to give the deal life; then, we follow the path of complete transparency to deal effectively with the small print in the contract. We are able through this dual action to speedily arrive at a solution leading to the lowest available interest rates and amenable loan redemption terms. Moreover, our Victorville clients looking for loans as low as $50,000 are impressed to learn that they are given the same VIP treatment as clients looking to borrow up to $2 million.

Sometimes there are exceptions that hold the acumen of PB to the flame. The most trying of these is where the property equity is elusive or simply too low. Thankfully we come up trumps nearly every time by applying cross collateralization alternatives to rescue even the most marginal clients. Another area that calls for our specialized expertise is the refinancing of business loans to address inflationary pressures on interest rates of late. Moreover, we execute these with no cash out limits.

The residents of Victorville opened their arms to a hard money lender to assist and nurture all property investors but its hard-pressed residents in particular. PB Financial Group quickly accepted the invitation, bringing with it a well-proven methodology founded on integrity, reliability, and resourcefulness. The city has responded very well and appreciates that this time round credit casualties will be rare and FICO scores of all much improved.

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