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When Roseville Connected with a Hard Money Lender,It Changed the Fortunes of so many of Its Credit-ailing Residents who had Invested in the City’s Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets

The population of Roseville in 1929 was a scant 6,500. By 1985 – 56 years later – it had grown by approximately 2.5% pa to 26,000. In 2018 Roseville populace has ballooned to 130,000 to earn the city a rating as the largest city in Placer County California – in the Sacramento Metropolitan area. The explosive pace imprinted on the last 33 years in this city’s history is in great part attributed to the development of its industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate with shopping centers and new homes taking center stage. It goes without question that property action in times where recessions and booms follow in close order will leave casualties in its wake. There are many Roseville resident investors licking their credit rating wounds and trying their best to mop up leaking FICO scores.

This was a perfect scenario for PB Financial Group Corp – the most prolific hard money lender in Californian mainstream cities like Roseville. We interfaced with ailing residents to address credit problems they had written off as a lost cause. The results were mind-bending as the traditional PB expertise assisted clients to secure bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans for diversified real estate investments. We were, in fact, able to apply these funding solutions to an array of investment structures that allowed individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals alike into the arena.

Our competition is simply three steps behind our speed and efficiency, garnered from zoning in on the equity value that rests in most properties. Once this is in the open it is a relatively straightforward process to negotiate low-interest rates that are feasible and redemption terms that are manageable. Of course, all this is eased through in a compelling way by our transparency, thus eliminating the small print as a potential “aftershock.” It is a matter of record that lenders and borrowers are on the same page whenever we are involved in getting things done.

Many Roseville clients comment on the fairness that our trained agents maintain through all discussions. Loan applications for $50,000 rank equally with those at $2 million in terms of time and effort allocated to reaching conclusion. Further, we have helped even in those cases where property equity values are impossibly thin by employing cross-collateralization, much to the surprise of residents reaching the brink of frustration.

We have entered the business loan paradigm with a vengeance, grasping all the nuances and techniques to refinance existing positions with no cash out limits. We do this with alacrity and no fuss to combat the threat of rising interest rates on the back of the latest fed policies.

PB Financial Group Corp entered the Roseville scene knowing that the road was littered with credit-ailing residents. As an experienced professional private money lender, we grasped this as an opportunity, not as a deterrent. Clients have come to appreciate our combined resources to achieve fast results that endure trouble-free over the long term.

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