Hard Money Mortgage Loans

Hard Money Mortgage Loans

Dependable And Reliable Lending With Hard Money Mortgage Loans From PB Financial Group

PB Financial Group is the lender that has been empowering investors with their exceptional services. We are optimistic about changing the hard money mortgage loan industry and committed to delivering honest, fast, and simple lending for real estate investors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time borrower or an experienced lender, we’re here to help you break through traditional lending barriers and unleash success as you’ve never had before.

We are your private lending partner, who specializes in helping mortgage realtors, brokers, and investors refinance or purchase non-owner-occupied residential properties. So, if you’ve been searching for a respected private lender that provides you with streamlined services, aggressive rates, and quick closings, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Mission

At PB Financial Group our mission is to offer timely and innovative financing for real estate opportunities and are always striving to enable our clients, so they can capitalize on their endeavors. Our success is directly linked to the success of our borrowers and we are always seeking long-term quality in our relationships because the growth of our customers is paramount to everything we do.

Simplifying Mortgage Lending In California

As a successful mortgage loan provider in California, PB Financial Group makes residential and commercial lending easier and simpler for real estate investors. Our expertise and extensive experience in hard money mortgage loans and fix and flip financing gives us an edge over our competition. We are always striving to build strong, and long-term relationships with our clients to achieve our goals. Our ability to provide quick, hassle-free, and easy financing solutions at competitive rates to help our clients finance their real estate projects is incomparable.

From start to end, our experienced, qualified, and certified mortgage lenders provide clients with practical, honest, and complete guidance and advice that they can rely on. We offer multiple loan options for our clients, so they can choose one that suits their specific financing goals and needs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best exit strategy and deal.

The Financial Gurus

PB Financial Group is an innovative lender that has substantial amounts of private capital. Our expert realtors and investors are actively looking to place funds that make sense and reap the most benefits in the real estate loan market. We take a common-sense approach for underwriting, and our loans are equity-based and related to services like escrow, origination, investment sales, and servicing

The collaboration aspect and the knowledge on how to implement each function of mortgage allow us to stay ahead of the competition. Our unique custom-tailored solutions and unparalleled customer service do more than just ensure you get a loan, they ensure you manage to get the right loan.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your loan process today! Our mortgage advisors are standing by to discuss your scenario and help you secure the right hard money mortgage loan for you.