Hard Money Lenders – Moreno Valley, Ca

The Fast Growth of Moreno Valley as a Modern-Day City is Legendary. Its Close Connection to a Prominent Hard Money Lender has Enabled the City to Navigate Its Residents to Better, Safer Deals in Its Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Moreno Valley is a city that is around 30 years old, but don’t let that deceive you. It has linkage to pioneers as far back as 1890 – way before it was declared an actual city. In fact, in 1984 three communities (each with their own history) merged to become Moreno Valley. The big standout characteristic is the tear away growth of this new city, which made world headlines as the population exploded from a paltry 48,000 at the start to the 193,000 it stands at today. Anyone involved in this “rocket ship” knows that the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets are not for the faint hearted. Even the very brave have endured Calamitous credit collapses with FICO scores known in cases to go into free fell.

All that said, no challenge is too small for PB Financial Group Corp. Armed with a steady, ready team of property professionals we integrated ourselves into the Moreno Valley community to tackle its credit obstructions head on. Our hard money lending expertise opened up first and second lien loans previously excluded from the opportunity arena of many clients.  Loans as low as $50,000 going as high as $2 million were being concluded for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals.  The compelling benefit arises from our steadfastness in negotiating the lowest interest rates possible on bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans. When you put that together with easy terms and full transparency on the small print, clients enjoy a relatively stress-free funding experience.

Competitors are still scratching their heads, wondering how PB Financial Group Corp made such heavy strides in such a volatile environment. As a hard money lender having been through the mill in many Californian cities, we know that most ills are dissolved by equity in the property. Not everyone knows how to find this, but our astuteness and honed realty instincts get right to the crux of the matter. Once asset equity is uncovered the speedy and smooth path to closing the deal is easily traveled to the liking of both the lender and the borrower.

Even on the few occasions where equity is simply not there, we don’t give up. There is a technique we call cross collateralization that has made many a Moreno Valley investor very happy. Another outlier becoming hugely popular is the refinancing of business loans, but often limits on cash outs is a dampener if our competitors are involved. We go the extra mile and can implement these funding programs with zero cash out limit most of the time.

When we began offering our services to the residents of Moreno Valley, we saw uncertainty attached to every real estate deal whenever the buyer had a sketchy credit record. However, soon after PB Financial Group Corp officially closed the deal for its first city client the mood has changed considerably. Residents selling, buying and investing have embraced the trust that only a confident and experienced private money lender can bring to the table. Our reputation rides on unshakeable integrity, forthrightness and availability in the most pressurized situations.

If you live in Moreno Valley and are looking for a truly fulfilling real estate loan service please contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.