Hard Money Lenders – Oakland, Ca

The port City of Oakland is No Stranger to the Advantages of a Hard Money Lender helping Residents Navigate the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-used Real Estate

Oakland, a port city in the San Francisco Bay Area, boasts a population over 400,000. It’s a thriving metropolis with a vibrant downtown, and of course – like San Francisco itself – has experienced real estate appreciation in the top echelon of all communities in the US.

Exploding property markets inevitably offer rewards, but also leave many casualties. Often investors get their timing wrong, their numbers wrong, or are just unlucky. The net result is a trail of FICO and credit glitches that stick, no matter where one lives, or moves to. For Oakland residents it effectively closes the doors to the exciting industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property loan opportunities evident everyday.

PB Financial Group Corp has moved into Oakland with its professional team as a private moneylender, functioning efficiently for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. The big difference is it brings along the ability to find ways to forgive past indiscretions relating to both first and second lien loans. PB’s trained agents have accumulated experience and acumen, thus enabling them to lead clients around unmoving obstacles of their own making.

The company’s impact is strongest in securing bridge loans, long-term private financing, hard money loans and investor loans. This goes as far as loan refinancing solutions for businesses, with no cash out limits– an invaluable client benefit. Expertise of this nature is at a premium in the US economy today, as inflation escalation becomes a real concern.

We insist that there’s no substitute for knowing the needs of your customers, especially those with less-than-stellar credit records.  We earned our reputation from the difficult cases, not the easy ones.  The loan securitization process moves forward the second we establish that there’s some equity value in the property. If we can’t find it, there’s still cross-collateralization as a possible solution. This multi-tiered approach disintegrates the sleepless nights clients have when dealing with loan applications. All that’s left after that is agreeing to a manageable schedule to redeem the loan over a stretch of time, and cover the interest payments.

The most significant comfort lies in clients knowing that the interest rates are fine tuned down to the most competitive levels; the terms are upfront and clear to all and there’s never a concern about the small-print coming back to haunt the client. Everyone is in the picture from the beginning until the end.

PB Financial Group Corp has always stood head and shoulders above the rest in the special way it treats all its clients. So regardless if your loan is $50,000 or $2 million, every borrower is important to us. As a hard moneylender in Oakland, our key to maintaining a solid customer base over the long haul rests on maintaining fast, accurate processing towards conclusion in quick time. That’s why we stay steps ahead of the competition – it’s the only way to do business in California.

Oakland residents draw on the resources of PB Financial to raise diversified loans in a complex real estate arena. Our understanding of contracts, credit diversions and client psychology is essential for finding optimal loan solutions. As a private moneylender ahead of the Oakland pack, we appreciate our position and aim to keep it that way. For more information or inquiries on the hard money loan process, please submit to [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.