Industrial Real Estate Loans

Industrial Real Estate Loans

Get Fast Commercial Mortgages and Financing for Industrial Properties in California

Looking for permanent and reliable financing for industrial properties in California? PB Financial Group is a private money lender that leverages its relationships to offer an extensive portfolio of full capital stack financial solutions for recapitalization and acquisition of industrial properties in California.

We offer permanent financing options that are designed to meet intermediate and long-term investment requirements. The range of options available include:

  • Small Balance Loans
  • Private money loans
  • Property hardmoney loans
  • 2nd position loans

Trust us for reliable financing solutions and industrial real estate loans in California.

Repositioning Industrial Properties

PB Financial Group offers an extensive array of bridge loan programs for value-added industrial opportunities. We know that it’s cheaper to buy industrial properties than building them from scratch, which is why provide easy financing options for repositioning industrial properties. Our Bridge Loan programs provide aggressive and temporary financing tools for preparing properties to get a seamless transition for selling a property or getting permanent financing.

With steady growth and a proven track record, PB Financial Group has managed to acquire the most complete portfolio of industrial property loans in California. We provide easy financing for industrial properties, which include warehouses, manufacturing properties, and flex properties. We help provide borrowers with loan options for any type of industrial property irrespective of property class or the market with loans ranging from $100,000 up to $5 million.

If you’re interested in acquiring industrial real estate loans in California, get in touch with PB Financial Group and speak with our mortgage bankers.

Focused on Creating Long-term Relationships

PB Financial Group believes in building strong relationships that lead to great things, and our business teams work hard to provide you with financing for the best industrial properties in California. Our lending team has a great deal of experience and expertise working with commercial and industrial real estate developers on projects, including operator self-storage, hospitality, industrial, anchored retail, multi-family, and offices.

We specialize in providing business loans secured by real estate for renovation, construction, refinance, and purchase. We understand that, in industrial property development, every second counts and the smallest details matter. That’s the reason why we focus on the success of our clients and are committed to delivering exceptional service to them.

Whether you require a refinance, acquisition loan or 2nd position loan, our industrial property loan experts have the experience and market knowledge to arrange the best capital resource for your real estate investment.

Call Today to Learn About our Industrial Real Estate Loans

At PB Financial Group, we understand the struggles involved in financial lending and the complications that can hamper and lengthen the process. The arduous process of securing the right investment opportunities in real estate can wear you out, which is why we make it a point to offer the easiest and hassle-free financing solutions for industrial real estate in California.

Dealing with financial institutions and banks can be a taxing, painfully slow, and trying experience. This is why you should place your trust in the hands of financial lending experts who care about your future and getting your results. We believe that true investment is in the long-term success of our clients and work hard to improve their prospects.