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Hard Money Lenders – Fullerton, Ca

Fullerton Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets Stabilize Nicely with the Rock-Hard Advisory Services of a Hard Money Lender to Its Credit-Stretched Residents

Fullerton is a city that has reflected cultural, economic and social upheavals, thus creating incredible changes in the character of the city – especially over recent years. This has included class divisions that somehow separated the less affluent southern sector from the wealthy western and northern urban regions. Differentiation became even more exaggerated as Latinos and Asians selected Fullerton as their new residential city, quickly creating a shortage of developable land. Add in the disruption of the Hughes Aircraft Campus conversion into mixed use real estate in the early 2000’s, and the net result has been a whipsawing of prices going from depressed, then soaring after 2012 with the after-recession upswing. An inevitable consequence of this concentrated economic storm is that Fullerton property investors dropped into credit rating traps that literally battered FICO scores left, right and center. This effectively closed them off from many industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate opportunities that become available every day.

The city’s residents were stymied in all their attempts to bypass poor credit ratings but were delighted when PB Financial Group Corp, one of California’s professional hard money lenders, decided to open for business in Fullerton. We brought all our resources to focus on every possible investment structure, including individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals looking to finance their real estate. Clients are continuously leaving us satisfied, knowing that our bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans addressed their ills seamlessly.

The PB policy is one that is simple but incisive at the same time, exposing competitor weaknesses with clarity. We go directly to the core of the property to unearth the equity value – the key to all deals closing without a hiccup. Once uncovered, the PB process wheels into motion to arrange the lowest interest rates with easy redemption clauses. The path to this point is made super-easy by our steadfast methodology that raises the small print to a prominent position in negotiations. This takes the guesswork out of the equation, creates speed and nullifies potential issues after closing.

The Fullerton clients walk through our doors from all walks of life. We make no distinction based on loan size – clients at $50,000 loan level receive the same PB VIP treatment as clients seeking $2 million. That’s not where it ends: even frustrated investors, where equity value is thin, can get loans with us. Our agents apply sophisticated techniques, like cross-collateralization to keep things rolling during difficult times. We are also prolifically active in the refinancing of business loans, and we are famous for being able to conclude these with no cash out limits. In the new higher interest rate environment this has been a boon to the city’s commercial community.

So, in Fullerton with its somewhat diverse history and up-and-down credit rating experiences, the stability of a reliable, down-to-earth private money lender like PB Financial Group Corp is more than welcome. We have confidence that this will endure for as long as there is property fluctuation and Real Estate uncertainly in the city’s markets.

For a truly fulfilling real estate loan service, residents of Fullerton can contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.