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Hard Money Lenders – Escondido, Ca

Escondido, as the “Something-For-Everyone” Californian City, has opened its Heart to a Hard Money Lender as a Support to Its Resident Investors in the City’s Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

Escondido can best be described as a “something-for-everyone” city located north of San Diego: it features great restaurants, golf courses, wineries and healthcare options to suit every pocket. As far as real estate is concerned, investor expectations are leveled at double-digit growth for the next year in the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential sectors. It is safe to say Escondido has lifted its head above the turbulent recessionary quagmire that hit the US in 2008, devastating the credit rankings of many city residents. Unfortunately, the latter find that entering new opportunities is not working out to be so easy as FICO scores remain in muddy waters.

Analysis of the economic dichotomy in Escondido indicated that innovative financial options were direly needed. PB Financial Group Corp – a hard money lender making its mark on many Californian communities – answered the call in the loudest possible way. Residents have enjoyed a revival of fortunes in all property investment formats, ranging from individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates – all the way to foreign nationals. At the same time, we have formally introduced clients to bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans as a solid way out of the credit handicaps weighing on so many.

Traditional real estate lending business and even competitive private money lenders cannot match the PB Financial Group Corp process and our speed in closing big asset-funding deals. On the contrary and in the first instance this is not a puzzle to us, simply because our policy of full transparency treats all loan applications equally: for example, investors who look to raise $50,000 are on a level playing field with those who apply for loans of $2 million. Taking our open-book policy even further, the small print – a source of so much post-deal consternation and frustration – is never a deal issue when PB is involved. With these clear and evident advantages on our side, our agents know that the key to reaching finality is dependent on calculating the property’s equity value. After, these things merge quickly into negotiation for the lowest interest rates with the easiest terms. Clients are sometimes bewildered by the efficiency we inject into reaching finality with astute lenders.

Despite all the PB Financial Group Corp agent efforts, a few Escondido property cases occasionally fall short on equity. However, this proves to be nothing more than a temporary roadblock. We apply cross-collateralization as a next-in-line alternative. So far, we have experienced surprisingly strong results. Likewise, in the business sector, there’s often a reluctance to enter a new loan mid-stream so the popular trend of refinancing existing facilities in a rising interest environment is favored. We are on top of this emerging trend and have helped many in this category to achieve their goals with no cash out limits.

Escondido has created a fertile environment for its many residents to invest in its vibrant real estate markets by leveraging hard money lenders as a prominent resource. PB Financial Group Corp is acknowledged as the lead company in receiving the flow of activity into this arena, displaying an undeniable competitive edge, faster service, and reliable lending results.

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