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Hard Money Lenders – Oceanside, Ca

Oceanside, a Small Californian City, has Taken a Big Step with a Hard Money Lender to Boost the Standing of Its Resident Investors in the Market for Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Loans.

By most comparisons the city is quite small (under 180,000) and is best described as a middle road city in San Diego county where until now nothing extreme or extraordinary has happened or stands out. In an otherwise topsy-turvy world it is a revelation to find a community that strives for normalcy and stability. Even the city’s name – Oceanside – doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

All that said, just below the surface there is a high degree of credit disruption, dating back to the recession, which left many Oceanside residents licking their wounds. Toxic FICO scores provided the most damaging ammunition fired at delinquent residents trying their best to get involved in the buoyant industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets. Everything rides on securing first and second lien loan arrangements – a staple ingredient for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign national investors. A point was reached where it seemed there was no going forward for many of those living in Oceanside but unable to escape their past credit transgressions.

When PB Financial Group Corp, a top-rated hard money lender,began offering our services to the residents of Oceanside, the first thing we did was attack credit obstruction wherever it popped its ugly head. This was especially noticeable in the wide arena that included bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans for desirable real estate investment. Resident clients praised us for pushing aside traditional loan rejections and going straight to the heart of the problem. In essence, this meant uncovering true equity value in the targeted real estate, thus inducing the right lenders to offer the lowest interest rates,along with a willingness to close the deals with minimum disruption. The process cut out days of time through our policy of opening up the small print from the beginning. Competitors still don’t realize that this one item on its own often scuttles a deal before it sees the light of day, unless seriously addressed.

Our professional agents inject a significant element of reliability that makes clients seeking loans of $50,000 feel equally as important as $2 million investors. Either way, they deserve and get the best PB Financial Group Corp attention. It goes without saying that in cases where property equity is too thin to warrant a loan on its own that is when our team really gets into high gear. They resort to cross collateralization tactics and the record shows clients leave with smiles on their faces every time.

Private money lending at the highest level cannot be described accurately without mentioning refinancing of loans. In today’s uncertain environment where prices have been suppressed for so long, the recent interest rate rises may explode up much further. We are the undisputed leader in refinancing of business loans with the built-in guarantee of no cash out limits.

So even if you live in placid Oceanside by the sea, it’s advisable to have a hard money lender at your fingertips. PB Financial Group Corp has proven itself over the most difficult of times to be a committed, steely and relentless ally in the battle against those willing to bypass investors with sketchy credit records,

If you’re a resident of Oceanside and are looking for a truly fulfilling real estate loan service, please contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.