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Hard Money Lenders – Los Angeles, Ca

Los Angeles Sees the Real Benefits of a Hard Money Lender for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mixed-used Properties

We at PB Financial Group Corp understand that Los Angeles – otherwise known as the City of Angels, is not as benevolent as it sounds. When it comes to less-than-perfect credit records, bankruptcies, FICO issues or past foreclosures the city does not exemplify empathy and forgiveness. It makes life more than difficult for many prospective borrowers aiming to access enticing LA opportunities.

As a direct hard money lender, we have changed this unhappy picture dramatically in this core Californian hub. Our comprehensive range of lending options transcends the traditional borrower obstacles that typically hinder securing private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans.

Our flexibility and customer orientation has enabled us to make particularly strong strides in the loan market for industrial, commercial, mixed use or residential projects. This, in turn, spring boarded us to lender-of-choice status with individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. In short, we are almost sure to cover the full lending spectrum professionally and with as little hassle as possible.

Our progress is a direct result of a concerted effort to transcend borrower obstacles. Our meaningful point of difference is we look past so called “credit transgressions.”We generally are able to find a way to move borrowers forward,if indeed the fundamentals exist. For example, if there is a spotty history concealing solid ground for a loan, we dig deep and carefully to find it. Bottom line is this: if there is equity in the property and a workable schedule to pay back the loan plus interest, we make it happen.

One of the biggest client objections is a stop-start-stop process, which often leads to disappointment and frustration. We take the stress out of the loan-securing arena by connecting clients to a professional team empathetic to real client concerns. Relative to the competition we work fast and efficiently – minus all the “small print” fees that leach onto most unwary indirect borrowers. Our approval process is client friendly, which means everyone involved can see progress to the end goal – a loan that makes sense in every respect. Even if the equity part is wafer thin our team knows how to cross-collateralize as an alternative solution.

We can lend from $50,000 to $2 million on first or second liens, at competitive rates and terms with no-nonsense approvals. Refinancing and cash outs for business purposes, with no limits on cash outs are one of our big focus areas. Probably the biggest impression we make with clients, once they get a chance to review results, is that the quality of our service remains unwaveringly high, and that our company mission to provide fast results never gets in the way of this.

So if you live in Los Angeles and you are looking for a private money lender to open your entry to the lucrative low hanging fruit this city offers, look no further than PB Financial Group Corp. We offer versatility, flexibility, ingenuity and a bottom-line benefit that makes all the difference. For more information or inquiries on obtaining a hard money loan please submit to [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.