Stated Income Commercial Loans

Stated Income Commercial Loans

Find Freedom for Managing Your Business Properties in California with Our Hard Money Commercial Loans!

In some industries, businesses growing in size and maturity must also grow in their financial liabilities. When it comes to meeting their needs for properties and commercial real estate – like warehouses, and industrial and storage spaces – they seek commercial loans. Of course, owners of these growing businesses want to borrow money on the most agreeable terms.

With commercial stated income loans, this is exactly the kind of convenience you can expect, because this type of loan is ideal for anyone who wants to get a quick financial assistance without having to drown in paperwork and waiting for months only to find that their application was rejected for one reason or another.

If your business is spreading its roots in the retail or services sectors that require frequent financing in commercial real estate, like warehouses, strip centers, or other industrial spaces, you probably want a similar kind of deal with your commercial loans.

The surest and fastest way to do that is getting commercial stated income loans from PB Financial Group. Why? Because:

  • We have a very simple and easy-to-use online application tool to assist you.
  • We are known to deliver lightning-fast commercial lending services in Los Angeles.
  • We have a streamlined loan approvals process and an exceptionally well-trained customer support team.

Who Might Need Commercial Stated Income Loans

Growing businesses in retail and services are always looking for their big break and, at the same time, are fighting tooth and nail to survive the hostile competition in the market. With a lot of work and stringent policies, they meet their fiscal targets but have no spare resources to invest in large commercial properties that could turn the odds of availing exceptional growth opportunities in their favor.

At PB Financial Group, we believe every growing business should have access to the financing they need to expand their portfolio without having to worry about their available resources and equity.

This is why our commercial stated income loans are so popular among budding business people in Los Angeles and the rest of California. Growing businesses recognize the value we are giving to them with our stated income business loans. We don’t ask to see their credit history, and they don’t get buried under mountains of paperwork.

Why Get a Commercial Stated Income Loan

Commercial stated income loans are more accessible than other types of financing, which helps in opening doors. You can quickly invest in commercial properties that are important for your portfolio by borrowing a quick cash loan against an appropriate collateral.

At PB Financial Group, we strongly believe you know what your business requires, which is why we give you complete freedom to decide what kind of property you want to invest in and how.

How It Works

Our hard money commercial loans are easily available, thanks to our streamlined application process and focus on completing transactions as fast as possible.

  • Step 1: You use our online commercial stated income loans application tool to submit your request within minutes sitting in your couch.
  • Step 2: We process your application and get back to you with our best offer as soon as a few hours and as long as a business day.
  • Step 3: Once terms are agreed upon, we provide you loan documents to sign and get funded.

It really is that simple.

Apply for commercial stated income loans in California with us today.