Hard Money Lenders – Glendale, Ca

Glendale, right next to Los Angeles, has Derived the Best Services Available from a Professional Hard Money Lender in the Thick of the Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Markets

Los Angeles is a huge and famous city. This impression is solidly driven home when Glendale, right on its doorstep, is regarded as a city, in itself, and not just a suburb. Home to over 200,000 residents and one of the biggest Armenian communities in the US, Glendale benefits from the best of what Los Angeles offers, as well as the worst. In respect of the latter, there is nothing more evident than the growing number of Glendale citizens living under a cloud of inclement credit turbulence that has all but broken their FICO scores. This has been an extremely disheartening characteristic for anyone trying to climb back into the vibrant LA realty markets.

Wherever credit breakdown or collapse occurs you are sure to find PB Financial Group Corp, the premier Los Angeles hard money lender known to be sensitive to its every client’s needs. We inject our expertise in the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets of the LA pocket known as Glendale. Our presence in the thick and thin of the city’s property upheavals is highlighted by the customized first and second lien loan arrangements we offer to individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. The width and breadth of the credit remedies we bring to the table is openly seen in the specialty arena of bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans the market demands.

We didn’t become number one in the private money lending field without the hard work and commitment that makes any company a leader. The attributes that stand out most are centered on the legendary PB Financial Group Corp transparency, which enables us to close loan deals quickly without small print hitches before and after. Clients know us as the resource for obtaining rock-bottom interest rates and blue-sky terms for loan redemption, on loans as low as $50,000 flying as high as $2 million. They know us as well for scaling credit obstructions that most competitors give up on.

Our cohesive group of professional loan agents goes right to the crux of the matter by opening up the equity value in the Glendale property asset. We know where it is most of the time or we have the tools to find it. That’s the “open sesame” to the city’s vibrant properties, going over and around every credit crater and crevice and rancid FICO score. If per chance we can’t get to an acceptable equity value, we don’t stop there by any manner of means: cross collateralization is a favored technique to bring satisfaction even to clients with the thinnest of loan financing credentials.

The Fed is raising interest rates on a regular schedule, but we are ready for them. For some time now, we have been refinancing business loans with no cash out limit – a funding option that is growing in leaps and bounds in both the small and large corporate sectors.

PB Financial Group Corp has extended itself from the heart of Los Angeles to cover Glendale with the same unwavering focus that only a top hard money lender can apply to a complex property arena. Our clients in this adjacent LA city know us for our fast, friendly and efficient service.

If you live in Glendale and are in need of a private money loan, please email us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.