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Hard Money Lenders – Elk Grove, Ca

Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Property Markets in Elk Grove have taken Residents on a Wild Ride. A Hard Money Lender has Arrived just in time to Smooth out all the Bumps for Residents under the Dark Cloud of Poor Credit Scores.

In 2004 Elk Grove experienced the short-lived honor of being voted as the fastest growing city in the US. This was a quantum leap from the sleepy-hollow town that was little else than a farming community for so many years. As one can imagine, unparalleled growth in urban concentration goes hand-in-hand with frenetic industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate markets.

When Elk Grove property values tanked in 2008, it resulted in ripped credit ratings for many residents who had jumped on the bandwagon. The city recorded one of the country’s worst recessionary slumps, carrying thousands of FICO scores into the doldrums with it. The upshot of this roller-coaster ride is that myriad city residents are precluded from the resurgence of property values, as the credit rating obstacles seem to be insurmountable.

This was a signal for astute hard money lenders to get involved. PB Financial Group Corp has garnered all the skills and deep resources to give Elk Grove residents the boost they need to obtain first and second lien loans for investment in prime city real estate. Our agents have demonstrated to clients that individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals are all welcome. Moreover, we show that this wide investment platform can qualify for a diversity of alternatives including private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans irrespective of the property focus.

Our initial involvement in Elk Grove found immediate traction as residents locked onto our open book process as a gateway to obtain hard money loans. In practical terms, there is no small print in contracts simply because everything is on the table from the beginning. This simply means that once the deals close there are no shocks or unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, the speed of the experience leaves a lasting impression, leading as it does to the lowest interest rates and super-easy terms.

The team of professionals servicing clients under the PB banner dismantles all the obscuring details to assess the equity value of the property. This is the key to a contract that puts both borrower and lender on the same page. Even if the asset value is thin we know exactly what to do next. Thanks to our efforts in many Californian cities cross-collateralization has been stamped as an alternative technique that works well. Our competitors still don’t understand the effectiveness of this funding technique.

Before PB, many thought that only big investors deserved the attention of lenders. Well, we have dispelled that notion in no uncertain terms. Clients attest that whether they borrow $50,000 or $2 million, they’re treated equally. We fight for all clients with vigor. Also, our versatility stands out like a beacon in a storm when it comes to refinancing activity. This is particularly pertinent in the business sector, where rising interest rates are a major concern. Not only do we ably meet these client requirements, we do so with no cash-out limits.

PB Financial Group Corp and Elk Grove have developed a friendship based on trust, integrity and unswerving appreciation for getting private money loans secured quickly at the lowest rates. City residents appreciate this and have endorsed our success many times over.

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