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Hard Money Lenders – Palmdale, Ca

Palmdale, with Large Expanses of Land and a Large Base of Credit Strapped residents,Connects to a Hard Money Lender to Bolster Investment in its Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Property Markets.

Palmdale, the neighbor to Lancaster in the Antelope Valley, has, since the early 1980’s, grown by four times as much in population. It occupies a vast expanse of land with many residents living out in the desert. Relative to other Californian cities where the real estate markets are on fire, the Palmdale industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate has shown mixed results, with gyrations during the recession moving unabated right up until today. When the winds of change blow so hard it leaves residents wondering what happened to their credit ratings, while they do their best to lift weighed-down FICO scores from the muddied waters.

This paradigm is nothing new to hard money lenders at PB Financial Group Corp in particular. We grab the problem by the throat and bring ailing residents back to financial health by offering them viable first and second lien loans for Palmdale properties. Our approach has constructively channeled almost every type of investing entity into commercial private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans. All clients – from individuals to partnerships, from trusts to corporations, from LLCs to estates and foreign nationals – find it easy to work with our system.The most enticing aspect of our service is that client size as a deciding factor is entirely discounted. It is well known that we at PB Financial Group Corp view clients with $50,000 loan requirements through the same prism as $2 million investors; all are treated with our traditional speed of purpose.

Our character and our client benefit programs are magnified even more as one looks at our processes. Properties are not all the same, but in almost all cases there’s equity value to be found. We know exactly how to do it. Our trained agents grab that single item with both hands and negotiate the most competitive interest rates with the easiest payment terms, giving every client a head start. While all this is going on the PB team is at pains to eliminate the small print from the arena by bringing it to the fore. The net result is a happy borrower and a happy lender, both beneficiaries of fast closings in all cases.

The best hard money lenders are judged by their ability to deal with situations that fall outside the traditional box. There are two situations that come immediately to mind: one is cross-collateralization as a funding technique whenever asset equity is suspect. The other is the new wave of refinancing business loans with no cash out limits. We achieve both of these tasks with obvious professionalism and overt efficiency. Clients are most appreciative when they can close deals with these traditionally onerous items in play.

There is no doubt that Palmdale in the Antelope Valley, with large tracts of desert is in the midst of real estate valuation transition. There is also little doubt that its residents have their heads well above water whenever they call on PB Financial Group Corp – the number one Californian private money lender – to support their property financing efforts. The reasons are obvious: competitively we are way ahead; our integrity is never in any doubt and our transparency is an example to the rest of the industry.

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