Hard Money Lenders – Santa Rosa, Ca

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Santa Rosa is the centerpiece of California’s wine country. It has a storied history dating back to the 19th century that took the city through tribal upheaval, earthquakes and runaway fires. Through all this the city has reflected a resurgence since the recession, which decimated realty values – as was the case throughout the state. The upshot is that many Santa Rosa residents have been on a wild ride through the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets integral to this city’s ongoing prosperity. They have paid a heavy price on the back of this unsettling experience, suffering an erosion of credit ratings as a means to investing today. FICO scores, weighed down by past suspect decisions, have excluded many from obtaining first or second lien loans.

That was yesterday. Today, PB Financial Group Corp – a leading hard money lender making a mark on the Californian real estate landscape – gives everyone a fighting chance. The PB professional team of loan agents attacks credit obstacles from every angle for every entity including individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals.

We have earned our stellar hard money lending reputation for clients borrowing as low as $50,000 and as high as $2 million. Our expertise zones in on the crux of the matter from day one: extraction of the last ounce of equity from the property, then we wield this to carve out the lowest interest rates and easiest terms – even for credit-tainted clients. We work with utmost efficiency and respect for our clients’ valuable time and their trust in our capabilities. Integral to all this is opening the contract up from the beginning, thus bringing the small print to the forefront. The net result is no shocks after the deals close with both lenders and borrowers on the same page.

Santa Rosa residents are entering a new paradigm, integrated with private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans in the real estate markets that crisscross the city. The best part of this is that our team is adept at guiding a well-oiled process that views every client – big or small – in the same way. This has enabled even fringe investors – those unable to prove sufficient asset equity – to participate in the upside of realty appreciation.

Cross collateralization is a relatively unknown technique perfected in the PB Financial Group Corp think-tank, with spectacular results for clients trying to unshackle themselves from credit burdens. This is the product of being in touch with our client needs in every aspect of real estate funding, making empathy an integral ingredient in deriving the optimal solution.

A shining example of our innovative spirit is seen in the emerging economy afflicted by a new wave of inflation. Rising interest rates are making loans that looked good yesteryear not so enticing today. We have attacked the problem head-on by offering refinancing options to businesses with no cash out limits. It is clear we are ahead of competitors, who are simply stymied when streamlined solutions to these new challenges are on the front burner.

PB Financial Group and its Santa Rosa client base make a good team. We work together in a spirit of openness, long proven integrity and pure skill to find solutions in the city’s volatile property market.  Private money lending has emerged as an essential resource to cut a clear path often clouded by credit uncertainty.

If you live in Santa Rosa and are interested in a hard money loan, please contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.