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Hard Money Lenders – San Bernardino, Ca

California’s Top Most Hard Money Lender Leads Hard-pressed, Poor Credit-rated San Bernardino Residents to Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Loans with the Lowest Interest Rates

San Bernardino, often referred to as the Inland Empire, owes its prosperity and vibrant real estate market to arguably the country’s most famous highway, Route 66. A truly beautiful city, San Bernardino with mountain ranges looming above it is located close to the Mojave Desert. Over the years San Bernardino has not always coped with the rollercoaster US economy very well, filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 9 as close back as 2012. As is always the case in situations with this type of upheaval, its own residents suffered credit lapses and turmoil, which in turn played havoc with their FICO scores. This had the unenviable effect of blindsiding attempts to raise first and second lien loans in the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use or residential property markets today.Lucky for San Bernardino, California’s foremost hard money lender, PB Financial Group Corp, jumped at the chance to help: Our efforts have once again reconnected the city’s homegrown potential investors with sketchy credit to bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans.

PB Financial Group Corp, flying high on its reputation for closing loans quickly without sacrificing the lowest interest rates, was warmly welcomed in every quarter of the city. San Bernardino residents spoke openly about our professional approach and the fact that clients for $50,000 loans were treated with equal importance as clients applying for $2 million. Even more enlightening are the happy customers who had all but given up hope, only to be rescued by PB incisively finding a little equity in the targeted property. From there, the road to closing opened up, and the terms of loan redemption were easy to meet.

The power behind our approach is the vast experience in raising loans for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. These clients traditionally respond to reliability, dependability and being transparent at all times. We are good at this, and it all translates into scaling obstacles that most competitors cannot handle – with steely confidence and no small print boomerangs after the loan contracts are closed.

San Bernardino has been most fortunate to be a primary beneficiary of our stellar resilience even when there is too little equity in the asset. Our professional agents go straight to cross-collateralization options for these clients that in the end work out very well. In tandem with this capability we also refinance loans of businesses with no cash out limit – leaving our competitors in the dust on both counts. With the Fed raising interest rates every few months, our in-house resources are geared to the refinancing challenge

PB Financial Group Corp has found a welcome home in San Bernardino, a city known for its steadfast loyalty to those businesses that bring true benefit to its residents. Everyday is a rewarding one as clients with a mosaic of FICO and credit maladies see them washed away by the surefooted style of California’s go-to hard money lender.

So if you live in San Bernardino and are looking for a truly fulfilling real estate loan service, please contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703 to get more info on our private lending process.