Hard Money Lenders – Bakersfield, Ca

Oil and Agriculture in Bakersfield have made its Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-use Real Estate a Key Focus, Opening the Arena for a Hard Money Lender to offer Special Loan Benefits to its Residents.

You can’t think oil or agriculture without thinking Bakersfield, California. It is a hub and center for both these industries for the entire country – let alone California. The population (over 400,000) speaks to its regional importance, and so of course does its dynamic real estate market. PB Financial Group fits into Bakersfield like hand in glove, offering loan structures for industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property segments alike.

Of course, being a premiere hard money lender in a big city like Bakersfield has its challenges: there is a proliferation of potential property investors affected by FICO blemishes and credit resumes that don’t pass the smell test when seeking real estate loans. This can affect anyone, or entity, from individuals, partnerships, trusts all the way to corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. We are a company that can deal with all kinds of loan obstacles for any type of client.

The reason PB Financial Group is ahead of the game in Bakersfield, and other major cities in California, rests in the expertise of our trained team. Countless are the times we have resolved first and second lien loan issues that traditionally stop loan applications in their tracks. The answer lies in knowing the shortest and most direct route to getting acceptance completed for bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans. Taking it further, our team is highly active in assisting businesses to refinance with no cash out limits – a crucial arm these days when interest rates are adjusted up every few months.

The PB Financial Group formula is simple but unwavering in its execution: we look for equity in the property asset no matter how small, then work hard to make that work for the client. If that fails we move on to cross collateralizing as a workable alternative that has a record of success in the California real estate arena. The bottom line is that our team remains resolute in its efforts to get clients a competitive rate loan with friendly terms, and absolutely no aftershocks from the small print. Transparency, a fluid process and simple honesty has earned us long-term clients for loans ranging from $50,000 to $2 million. We go the extra mile and we don’t allow traditional credit hitches get in our way.

Once all the hard yards are covered we get right down to scheduling a program that comfortably allows the client to redeem the loan and pay the interest over a time period that resonates with both lender and borrower. And the best thing of all – as a hard moneylender we do it speedily, reliably and with few or no deviations. It keeps us miles ahead of the competition from every angle.

So if you are a resident of Bakersfield or thinking of becoming one, let PB Financial Group guide your every step to the most competitive property loan available. Draw on our undoubted expertise, team resources and stellar business principles to work to your best advantage. For more information or inquiries on how we can help you get a hard money loan, please submit to [email protected] or call us at 877.700.3703.