Hard Money Lenders – Ventura, Ca

Ventura has connected its Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use, and Residential property sectors to a hard money lender to bring credit weighted resident investors back into its fold.

California is famous for its pristine coastline, sunny climate, easy living and being a hot tourist attraction. In recent years, it has also added technology centers – the most famous being Silicon Valley. When you think California you think of the Beach Boys, surfing, Hollywood, The Oscars, startups and wine lands. Ventura, a sea-hugging enclave only 58 miles from Los Angeles represents most of all this in spades. In 2009 a technology incubator initiated connected the city to the high-tech wave sweeping the nation. Also, with a population of over 100,000, it has seen its real estate values travel through the up-and-down roller coaster ride that has tested the nation over the last 14 years. Currently, prices are on a climb, offering up phenomenal industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential property opportunities. Unfortunately, it is quite clear that there are many resident investors unable to obtain first and second lien loans only because credit records and FICO scores – marred by past errors – are dragging them down.

Lucky for Ventura, PB Financial Group as a hard money lender prolifically active in the region, is open for business. We have nurtured even the most marginal investors through the real estate financing process supported by our team and deep resources. We have the ability to connect individuals, partnerships, trusts,corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals to a range of options including private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans with professional ease. This has unsettled so many competitors in every way as the speed and efficiency by which clients are funded becomes evident.

The PB methodology is the talk of the city as Ventura investors realize that we can usually unlock the equity value in their targeted real estate as the best way to let them invest again. That’s all we need to do to quickly advance the negotiation process toward the lowest interest rates available and terms that are anything but burdensome. That’s not the only benefit that arises from our approach, which is entrenched in transparency. It is our priority to open up the small print every time so there are no surprises (or shocks) after closing. Moreover, we treat all our clients in exactly the same way – $50,000 borrowers and applicants for $2 million leverage alike attract the same focus and heralded PB attention to detail.

We really show our extraordinary talent when it comes to properties with very thin equity value. We never give up on any case and more often than not we resolve difficult situations with a cross-collateralization strategy that yields excellent results. Also, we are at the forefront of refinancing business loans with no cash out limits in an economy being inflicted with rising interest rates.

So, Ventura has embraced the benefits of PB Financial Group, a hard money lender active everywhere in the state that has resonated with the city’s hard-pressed residents in particular. Our best qualities – reliability, measured aggressiveness, and empathy for every client’s situation – has ushered all investors into the Ventura markets once again.

Ventura residents in need of a real estate loan, please email us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.