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Hard Money Lenders – Norwalk, Ca

A Hard Money Lender comes to the support of Norwalk’s investors, especially those hampered by poor credit and FICO scores, giving them viable entries with sound financing into the city’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use, and Residential property markets.

Los Angeles is a huge city that has sub-divided down into smaller city hubs over the years, and Norwalk fits firmly into this category. Still, with a population of over 100,000 residents and a locale of choice for big business from all over the country, the city has prospered – particularly from 2012 as the national recession uplifted. People of diverse cultures migrated to where the action was and the Norwalk development is a reflection of its growing popularity. Unfortunately, the city still suffers from an array of miscalculated decisions pre-2008 that have left a ragged trail of broken investors, weighed down by decayed FICO Scores inextricably connected to credit ratings flattened by poor decisions.

PB Financial Group is a top private money lender that has involved itself with numerous Californian cities, and Norwalk has recognized this in an emphatic way. Our team of loan professionals understands the borrowing requirements of even marginally-rated investors who are looking for first and second lien loans. We make it possible for them to enter the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential market opportunities. We are quite used to residents coming through our doors with investing structures such as partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, and estates structures – aside from the obvious option of investing as an individual or a foreign national. We provide many innovative openings to real estate funding, including private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and pure investor loans.

Norwalk investors are excited once they realize that we don’t sit on our heels as we move forward quickly to a deal closing. Our secret, much to the chagrin of competitors, is the fast analysis of the targeted real estate, finding the equity therein and using this in the most prudent manner to arrange truly low-interest rates. Moreover, our ability to expose the contractual small print quickly takes the anxiety out of the process and negotiates comfortable redemption terms every time. Occasionally we encounter a situation where there isn’t equity in the property, but we don’t give up at all. Cross-collateralization is a canny method that gets the same job done more often than not. We are equally adept when it comes to refinancing business loans as the Fed acts to raise interest rates. In fact, we can implement these with no cash out limits.

This city’s clients connect strongly with another huge PB universal advantage: we never discriminate based on loan size. Clients seeking loans of $50,000 and loans of $2 million are treated with the same, unwavering loan professionalism that our clients all over California enjoy in the same way.

Norwalk and PB Financial Group, a hard money lender of note, are without a doubt in sync with one another. Credit strapped residents are once again active in the city’s real estate arena thanks to our consistent performance on a solid base of lending reliability.

Norwalk residents in need of private funding, please email us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.