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Hard Money Lenders – Simi Valley, Ca

Simi Valley Quietly Introduces a Hard Money Lender to the City’s Poor FICO Score Residents to Restore Balance in Its Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Property Markets and Create New Opportunities.

Sometimes a city doesn’t make one big mark but lots of small ones that nonetheless are memorable. Simi Valley is one of these. It’s known to be super-safe (the second safest city in the US in fact) and ironically was also the home to Charles Manson. It houses the Ronald Reagan library attracting Presidential debates periodically, and it’s quite the favored filming destination of Hollywood production houses. All this seems to push the economic impact of the city into the background, but there’s no missing the fact that it was rollicked by strong economic winds in the last recession.Credit suffocation became a new stress for many Simi Valley residents along with FICO scores that were all but out for the count.

The trained eye of PB Financial Group Corp, a Californian hard money lender, detected that there was indeed credit turmoil in this city. We sent our A team in to helpcredit-handicapped investors return to real estate opportunities available in the Simi Valley industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential markets. In no time we introduced private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans customized to fit almost any situation. Competitors cannot fathom how we are able to offer first and second lien financing to individuals and partnerships, trusts and corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals irrespective of past mistakes that taint credit records.

As time went by it became evident that our funding service was superior in every way, starting with the loan sizes we generally accommodate. The PB invitation open to all investors stands strong on loans from $50,000 – $2 million, attaching equal client attention irrespective of application size. Moreover, our transparency ensures that there are no hidden surprises, as we procedurally highlight every item in the small print. This enables our trained agents to zone in with no hindrance on the task of negotiating the lowest possible fees and interest charges. Our adept team greatly assists this process by extracting the equity value in the real estate as the big bargaining chip. From there easy terms for loan redemption are a natural follow-through.

The most impressive feature of hard money lending is brought to the fore at difficult junctures in deal closings. For example, if there simply is not enough equity value in the targeted asset it usually culminates in disappointment: not when we are around to apply cross-collateralization as an effective way around traditionally insurmountable obstacles. Also, we refinance business loans hammered by rising interest rates with no cash-out limit -an area few lenders know anything about. Finally, a big thing that sets us apart is how quickly we move things along from the time we meet the client to signing on the dotted line. This consolidates the headway we have made keeping us ahead of all-comers.

PB Financial Group Corp, being a private money lender of note, has made a big difference in Simi Valley with a service standard geared to help even the most credit-ailing clients. Our reputation has blossomed as the essential qualities of integrity, reliability and not making empty promises hits home with the city’s residents.

For a truly fulfilling real estate loan service, Simi Valley residents can contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.