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Hard Money Lenders – Temecula, Ca

Credit-strapped Residents of Temecula found it Difficult to Partake in the City’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Property Opportunities. A Hard Money Lender Changed this in a Compelling Way by Burying Poor FICO Scores as an Investment Consideration Once and for All.

Temecula is not a city that can boast a coastline, but it certainly is a tourist magnet of the first order. This item alone has injected the city with enthusiastic property investors from near and far in their eagerness to get a piece of it. At the same time Temecula residents, numbering just over 100,000, represent a complex picture of success entwined with decimated credit ratings, in turn, evidenced by poor FICO scores. The bottom line of all this, looking at traditional property financing, is that first and second lien loans are hard to come by for so many forgotten souls.

PB Financial Group Corp, a prolific hard money lender active throughout California, entered Temecula alongside the influx of new tourists to help residents with their dilemma: namely, clearing investment options in the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential markets. We tackled this challenge head-on, sweeping competitors aside with our superior expertise. A key tactic in this process is creating a menu that includes private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans that work every time for every occasion. Residents reacted positively when they saw how seamlessly these options fit in with individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals alike.

In the real estate funding business professionals know that the equity value in the property opens most doors. Our agents, trained in every aspect of the business, get to it very quickly. Once done, we find that the rest is an easy road: lowest interest rates are accessed along with easy redemption terms. A big help is our steadfast policy of taking the small print out of the equation with transparency and forthrightness. This resonates with both small clients, seeking loans as low as $50,000, and of course, the big-hitters wanting up to $2 million. We simply show no preference based on loan size.

The PB advantage truly comes to the fore when equity values are elusive. This is where our mettle shows itself in a compelling way. Know this: We don’t give up on any credit-strapped client no matter what; instead we cross collateralize as a vibrant alternative in an ever-changing loan environment. This distinction is highlighted even more in the business sector, where the need to refinance is being fed by rising interest rates in an inflationary economy. We are the best there is in this arena, where we can close these deals seamlessly with no cash out limits.

PB Financial Group Corp, California’s leading private money lender, makes big waves in landlocked Temecula to help all investors chasing its escalating real estate activities. It is not surprising when the key attributes of reliability, professionalism, astute negotiating skills and integrity are so easily demonstrated.

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