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Garden Grove Residents may be Divided on Many Issues to Make Their City Better but are Unified in Their Belief that a Hard Money Lender is Essential to Traverse Investor Credit Issues in Its Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Markets.

Garden Grove is a city that has grown from only 44,000 in the 1950’s to current 170,000. Politically registered voters are almost equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. White and Asian residents also are almost equal in the racial make-up of the city as the two dominant groups. One thing where there is no division of any kind in Garden Grove is the dire need for a high caliber hard money lender to assist hard-pressed residents. FICO scores were decimated by the last recession when credit records all but fell apart in many cases. This is impacting the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets in several ways today, but worst of all are the restrictions on securing first and second lien loans. The ripple effects of credit ratings under water have spread to all investing entities, including individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign national investors.

PB Financial Group Corp answered the call in what seemed to be a case of perfect timing. Coming off strong showings in many other cities in California, including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, as a premier hard money lender, we brought a wealth of expertise to Garden Grove. Not the least of our resources is the wide array of loan options available, from bridge loans and long-term private financing, to private money loans and investor loans – all suited for different incursions into the city’s the real estate markets. Underlying our different options for financing properties, is the cast-iron process we have established as our signature methodology, especially with regard to credit blemished clients. Simply put, first and foremost we are trained to find equity in the realty asset, then move quickly to close the deal by addressing the small print in the contracts.

Garden Grove clients have been very complimentary when they witnessed firsthand how we apply a policy of complete openness to arrange easy terms that meet the mutual needs of lender and borrower. The extra bonus that comes with all this is that they are assured of getting the lowest interest rates for the category of loan under focus. Moreover, there is no such thing with us as a big and small client, only important ones. Loans for raising $50,000 are treated with the same PB Financial Group Corp attentiveness and company commitment as loans for $2 million.

Private money lenders are by nature entities that never give up, and PB Financial Group Corp is no exception when servicing all our clients across California. For example: if the equity search comes up empty-handed our, at-the-ready agents, will resort to cross collateralization to get a deal closed in an optimal way. Also, we are very active in the refinancing of business loans – an activity of rising intensity as the Fed pushes up interest rates. Our big meaningful benefit is we can implement such arrangements with no cash out limits.

So even if you are in constructive disagreement with your Garden Grove neighbor about politics and cultural matters, the one thing there should be full consensus on is the value of PB Financial Group Corp as your resident hard money lender. We bring all the hard-core values you grew up with, including integrity, resilience to get good results and never giving up on poor credit rated clients.

If you live in Garden Grove and are looking to work with a private money lender, please contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.