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Hard Money Lenders – Visalia, Ca

A Hard Money Lender takes Visalia by Storm, Displaying Remarkable Ability to Release Investors from Credit Restrictions that have Hampered Their Entry into the City’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Residential Property Markets.

California contains a wide diversity of cities across its enormous expanse. Along with this comes variety in the form of development, history and lifestyle appeal. The focus here is on Visalia, a prominent city in the San Joaquin Valley. Perversely, it is remembered mostly for a serial prowler known as the Visalia Ransacker who cat-burgled and caused mayhem in single-family homes in the city around 1974. Despite this short disruption to resident harmony the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential real estate in Visalia has thrived, despite having to contend with the headwinds of the 2008 recession. It is however inescapable that this somewhat brief but traumatic economic turmoil tore up the credit standing of many city investors by defaulting on first and second lien loans – leaving them with FICO scores that looked all but irreparable.

Recently, PB Financial Group Corp, a hard money lender active in nearby cities, was called in to advise a small group of credit-ailing Visalia investors. Things escalated dramatically from there as the word spread on how seamlessly we are able to accommodate loans to individuals and partnerships, trusts and corporations, and LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals. We quickly found ourselves expanding our resources for this city to include trained agents versed in private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans. In no time we found ourselves negotiating for Visalia would-be investors, with and without the hindrance of past credit transgressions, looking for loans ranging from $50,000 – $2 million.

Clients emerging from every quarter of the city could not get over the fact that we did not judge them by the size of the loan. Equal treatment for all is our mantra. Resident investors were even more impressed by our ability to go to the heart of the deal, which essentially means finding equity value in the property with no fuss and bother. Once this key item is detected, our next step is to open up the entire contract – right down to every sentence of the small print. With an open contract in place, we slide effortlessly into an offer that provides the lowest interest rates, with the most comfortable loan redemption terms. What more can anyone in Visalia ask for than full transparency linked to the best loan arrangement?

Professionalism really comes to the fore when things don’t go exactly to plan. So in cases where equity value in the real estate is not going to cut it, we are fully versed in cross collateralization techniques that get the deal closed in a similar way. Parallel to this is the new challenge of refinancing loans for businesses to offset rising interest rates as the Fed adjusts for inflation. We are able to implement complex refinancing with no cash out limits, thus confounding our competition in every way.

Talking about the competition, PB Financial Group Corp is without question the number one go-to real estate lender in Visalia, making strides unheard of in this city with both healthy and credit-strapped residents. We have achieved this through engendering trust and displaying remarkable reliability – the hallmark of hard money lenders performing at their best.

For a truly fulfilling private money loan service, residents of Visalia can contact us at [email protected] or call 877.700.3703.