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Private Capital Lending

One of the most popular modes of financing real estate is private capital lending. A private capital loan is usually an asset-based lending option, which means the borrower secures it by a real estate asset. More often than not, this asset is a commercial or residential property in California.

Real estate investors often prefer private capital loans because they are easier to secure than conventional loans, faster to arrive than any other reliable means of lending, and have little red tape.

At PB Financing Group, we take immense pride in offering borrowers super-fast private capital loans. We understand the dynamics of the fast-paced real estate market and try to help customers with quick private capital lending so they can secure the properties of their choice before their competition can.

Benefits Of Private Capital Lending

There are countless reasons why real estate investors are so fond of private capital loans. This lending option comes with a bundle of benefits that most other types of lending do not provide.

One of the major advantages of going after a private capital loan is that it is often a quick process. Since private capital lending is considered a mode of alternate financing, these loans do not require much bureaucratic or income documentation. The whole process is often completed over the Internet and money can change hands as soon as a couple of days.

Another great reason to pursue private capital lending is the experience these lenders usually have in the real estate market. They are well-versed in the developments within and offer hard money loans within days to enable your justified requests.

Furthermore, private capital lenders offer a lot of flexibility to borrowers while delivering large development loans, which only makes the proposition more appealing to investors looking for fast hard money loans.

Our Approach To Private Capital Loans

At PB Financing Group, we are known to not only abide by the nuanced appeal of private capital loans but offer more than that. For instance, we keep a wide bracket for the loan amount, which allows our customers to request sizeable loans without having to go through the painful proceedings of a bank

We are always happy to go out of our way to ensure our customers’ applications get individual assessments on merit. While our ambition is to lend money to as many applicants as we can, it is impossible due to the limits of our available resources.

We have been helping borrowers get private capital loans for real estate since 2006. Our offerings in private capital lending include:

  • Short-term mezzanine and bridge financing
  • Acquisition and/or construction financing
  • Refinancing
  • Debt financing
  • Construction finish financing

How We Approach Foreclosure Bailouts

Our loan application process is made quite simple, so you are not required to spend a lot of time on providing us the necessary information. You follow the simple instructions given on our private capital lending application form and attach the requested documents. One of our application appraisers evaluates your application and get in touch with you to offer a customized loan proposal that is built just for you.

Upon mutual agreement, the loan gets through, and you can expect the money to be transferred to your bank within days.

Fill out the private capital lending application form now and start the process.