Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans

Take Advantage of Investment Property Loan and Maximize Your Investments

Thinking that you wouldn’t ever manage to afford to invest in residential or commercial properties? Think again. PB Financial Group makes it easier to get the property of your dreams with excellent investment property loans for those interested in purchasing a property as an investment. These are loans for properties that offer additional monthly rental income or future (spec) value growth and can be 1-to-4-unit residential properties, vacation rentals, PUD properties, apartment buildings (5+ Units), and condos.

PB Financial Group has created multifamily housing, small balance commercial lending, and mixed-use property solutions that are tailored to meet your real estate investment goals. The one thing that sets us apart from other lenders is our experience and expertise in investment property loans. We believe in customer service, efficiency, and value above everything else.

Economical and Flexible Financing Programs

We are renowned as the industry-leading multifamily housing and apartment loan providers to borrowers all over California. We have a diverse portfolio of lending options that goes beyond traditional mortgage and includes term and rate refinancing, cash-out refinance, lender buyout, cash recapture, 2nd position loans, 3rd position loans, and purchase loans.

Our goal is to provide flexible and economical financing programs that are going to help make a major difference in their lives. Here are some of the different types of investment property loans that we offer to borrowers:

  • Investor Owned 1-4 Unit Properties
    PB Financial Group offers creative solutions and competitive pricing for small residential properties that are found in real estate markets.
  • Multi-Family Lending
    PB Financial Group provides an extensive range of financing options for multi-family housing. We are proud to deliver flexible financing programs in multi-family markets throughout California for value-added or stabilized properties with around 5 units or more.
  • Mobile Home Park Lending
    We also provide an extensive range of financing solutions for mobile home parks. Our ability to deliver flexible, fast, economical, and reliable financing programs for investors all over California is what sets us apart from the rest.
  • Mixed-Use Lending
    We provide flexible financing programs to investors in mixed-use retail/apartment buildings. We are known for delivering an exceptional customer experience with efficient and fast service.
  • Student House Lending
    PB Financial Group has been lending on student housing projects that are at a walking distance to public universities. We provide affordable terms for various kinds of student housing projects, even those rented by the room or bed.
  • Office, Retail, and Industrial
    PB Financial Group understands all the problems and complications of investment property lending and, therefore, offers tailored solutions, setting it apart from other competitors.

Qualification Requirements for Investment Property Loans

To qualify for investment property loans with conforming mortgage, lenders need to abide by the rules and regulations of Fannie Mae and other government-backed loans. They require strict standardization and that’s the main reason why there’s not a lot of variation between conforming mortgage lenders requirements and rates.

Start your investment property loan process today with PB Financial Group. Our mortgage advisors are standing by. You can call us to request a free personalized rate quote.