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PB Financial Group Corp. provides equity-based lending for real estate properties. We cater to Investors, Rehabbers, Corporations, Probate Estates, and Sub Prime Money Borrowers who do not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines.

Our excellent reputation as a Hard Money / Private Money Lender has been built on our ability to provide fast financing solutions for borrowers who have come across financial challenges, and are in need of fast, creative financing solutions. As a direct Hard Money / Private Money Lender, we are able to provide a fast decision on your loan application, which allows our clients to get their difficult-to-close loans funded quickly.

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Recent Transactions

As one the leading hard money lenders in California, PB Financial Group has privately financed many projects over the years. To see some of our recently funded projects, please click the link below.

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PB Financial Group Corp is a direct private money lender, hard money lender and bridge lender in California. Our goal is to work to satisfy your financing needs on California real estate in a timely matter, may it be purchasing a property or refinance or providing bridge financing. We have simplified our private money loan, hard money loan approval process and simplified our broker approval. To become an approved private money broker with PB Financial Group Corp, simply fill-out the Broker Package and fax it to us fax number at 323-935-5580 and you will be approved within 24-48 hours. Best of all, you do not have to wait for approval before submitting a loan scenario. In order to get pricing you can also e-mail our pricing team at We just require broker approval before we get documents. We are able to provide fast turnaround on your files, which allows you to get your difficult-to-close borrowers funded quickly with the best service in the industry.

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